Why I used to love Ideal World


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I think everyone loved IW then hun I know I did so did my mum, they used to sell loads of stuff but were never really the same after the fire I thought, then SW left (passed away) and others too.

It is no where near what it used to be, it was then a rival to QVC, now it doesn't even seem to bother.

Shame really as we all had such high hopes for them.
Just had a peek at a youTube link for an old Ideal World promo,well I thinks thats what it was :33:


and it just reminded me of how good Ideal World used to be and how much fun they were to watch. What a shame its all changed :52:

That was shown after the fire in March 01, it was SO much better in those days. Sadly we will never get Steve back but the whole demeanor of the channel was much more light hearted and there were so many products to chose from.

I see their share price is continuing on its downwards spiral, might swoop in and buy a few soon!
gosh was the fire that long ago ? Its only when you see how it used to be you realise how intense and sales driven it is now.What a shame :(
They have lost their way in the past few years it started once they out sourced the call center to India and has been on a downward slide ever since. they seem to have given up on being any real competition to QVC, they have become content to be second best. selling second rate "tat"
I had a quick look this morning to see what was on :54: there was this guy, Andy?..selling those magnetic window cleaners, which were stacked up high in their boxes next to him :11:...he had on a crumpled short sleeved shirt, open neck which revealed his hairy chest :52:...well, sorry, but I just thought ~market stall~..Dell boy.!

I used to love IW, I used to have it on in the background most of the day as there were so many funny moments. Now its so contrived, with them targeting the people who buy the same things. Now its just Flyflots, Karcher, Kaftans, Really Bad Craft Stuff, Slinky, Slimming Pants and Wigs!

It's such a shame as if the buyers got some better products, different products, like the old "from the orient" shows for example, IW's shares might perk up a bit!!
Yes it lost its way after the fire. I have a couple things going strong from the pre fire days.
I hardly watch IW now . When they first launched I watched every night. Loved it when they had Crystal Creations (have quite a few of them in my display cabinet). Myth and Magic products. Beanies (have two cupboards full of Beanies!!) When the lovely (still sadly missed) Steve was presenting, Thursday, Friday, Saturdays and Sundays-I would watch until midnight. They have so lost the way now, it is a shame they do not seem to care :52:

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