Why are QVC so tight with return labels ?


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Everytime i have asked for a return label for a wrong size item or faulty item, its as if your asking for gold ! they get quite arsy on the phone and i spend enough with them and am not paying to send back faulty stuff !
I know what you mean they sent me a faulty item last year took 3 phone calls to get them to agree to send one,it didn't arrive so had to phone again,i got the distinct impression i was eating into their profit margin,as if they don't rip us off every time with what they charge for p+p.
I know what you mean. They don't always automatically refund the original postage either (on damaged or faulty goods I mean) so I check all credits religiously now but, quite often, I have to ring them to point out THEIR slip-up!!!
I email them as that way I always get a label, sometimes I just find the less said the better. They fraustrate me if I talk with them!
Next time you get a return label why not scan it and print it out when ever you need one?

Jude x
Let's not forget those times when they SAY they'll send out a return label, but never do! I also get so frustrated by how long it takes them to replce faulty items. Sometimes they can have your money for weeks before a usable item actually turns up. It's one area of their "excellent" customer service that could stand some improvement.
Every day they can hang on to your money - well that's another day for them. Plus, if they delay with the declaration form and then the return label there is a chance you will be peed off and just not bother returning the goods so that's another plus for them.

I cannot believe that they do not make a tidy sum from the P and P charges they make. Charges should be incorporated into the price of the item - after all, they do not offer the option for us to collect.

Has anyone living near enough to the depot ever offered to do that?
But also how long does it take to get things sorted once they get the goods back, it took 6 weeks to sort my laptop out as the original didnt work! they like to sit on the money they have taken rather than sorting the issue.
never had any problem getting a ppl if I have received faulty or damaged item,maybe I have just been lucky.

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