Who's Your Fav?


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Some of the products might not work lol:rolleyes:, but that aside who is
your favourite presenter. Some can be really annoying and some might
thinkmy fav's annoying lol:D, but i like Peter Simon ;):).
Peter is funny at times, I like Charlotte Mounter, Adele Sica, Steve McDonald, Peter Sherlock and of course Marina

We should list who we dislike too :D;)
By far the best on any of the sit-up channels is the much missed Michelle Watt,a great presenter,gorgeous and fun to watch.

Lynn Taylor and Michelle Livings are joint second ;)

I dont really like or dislike most of the others allthough one or two of the newer ones seem to be pretty awful so far,guess only time will tell if they have what it takes ;)

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