Which QVC cosmetic brand is the best?


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I just had a pay rise and fancy spoiling myself :) Only one I wont consider is Bare Essentials

Which of QVC's would you recommend otherwise?
Laura Geller, every time - I just adore her range, the products last forever and you don't look like you've covered yourself in tons of slap. Plus they're easy to use, which is great for me as I'm make-up lazy and can't be bothered with heavy foundations/powders etc. The Balance and Brighten plus a bit of Ethereal Rose Powder and my complexion looks really clear and smoothed out
From QVC Smashbox is my favourite. It is good quality and the brushes are lovely.
Although I tend to mostly use MAC. (Oh and I love Benefit High Beam!)
For me it is Smashbox. Bare escentuals is ok but messy (smashbox halo is better). Didn't like Laura Geller tried two tsvs and thought the finish was too flat and powdery and grey looking.

Also Smashbox lasts all day. Although I don't use their mascara - have other favourites.
Off topic sorry, quick question where do you all get your MAC from as there isn't a counter anywhere near me thanks:)
well for me its smashbox definatly, but i dont like the bare essentials foundation but i use all the rest and onestly all the colours and other products in the range are great and dont cake like the foundation ,
and i also use mac thay have some great products too ,ive just got a new hilighter product from mac its fab .

the laura gella baked products are fab too , i use these also , why not try some of the guralain products sold in debanhams i use these too ,they are fab i love them ,

best place for smash box with out fail 100 times better than qvc ever has been is old blue eyess website its a smash box gold mine its the best place and dead cheap so you can get more for less

Hi hun you wouldn't have a link to this website would? TIA:D
sorry kimmy , i wasnt sure if you was asking me about mac but i get all mine from debinhams, in oxford , but thats not a lot of use to any one is it so ..........there is a website kimmy if you go on there they got everything mail order have look ,

thank you Make Up Queen :D
Sorry to bother you again Karina,

Have you used the smashbox o-glow - this looks good, I like the sound of the lip gloss but how would you use the blush - I find that if you put a liquid or cream onto a powder foundation (use halo) then it goes all yukky. I tend to therefore stick to a powder blush.

Any suggestions??

Thank you :) So Laura Geller and Smashbox? They both got TSVs coming up too! Will have a look

I can't use BE because it makes me very spotty and makes me look wrinkly :eek:
Thanks Karina,
I will wait for the next tsv if it is going to be in that. I use smashbox halo or BE powder foundations so it is difficult to use a cream or liquid on top of this. But thanks anyway. If it is in the tsv I will try to put it on top.

Just been reading the reviews on qvc and they are very mixed. Saw it in a magazine the other day and they raved about it. Will have to wait and see unless anyone else here have tried it??

Rose x
Hi rosey, I use the mac cream blush and I have to say it's the only cream blush that I've ever been able to apply without rubbing a 'hole' in my foundation. I use a brush and it goes on really well and gives a gorgeous sheen to your cheeks while adding colour in a way that powder never can. Give it a whirl, you won't be disappointed and the colour options suit everybody so I'm sure you'd find one you love.

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