which brand of handbags are best.


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Jun 26, 2008
I have been looking for some leather ones and wanted to know about the opinions on the variety of handbags QVC ,sells.
Well I'm a Guess girl, I love their handbags, not a great lover of leather bags.
I like Tignanello, but that's as much about the designs suiting my taste and my lifestyle as anything else.

There haven't been any quality problems with them or anything like that.

I bought my Mum a Stone Mountain bag and purse set when it was a TSV about two years ago and she has used it daily ever since.

And that's it. My total QVC handbag experience! :angel: :grin:
Oh yes Jabba turns up shaming us all with her Mulberries.

Not QVC but Radley are fabulous.

Or Kilping leather ones. I like the City range which is part leather and part material.
I've bought a Charlie Lapson, which I like very much but which was very expensive; it's very much a dressy bag for An Occasion. Also a Fortuna Valentino which was nicely made but had straps that wouldn't go over my shoulder when I had a coat on; fairly dressy but also school-gate-suitable. You have to like bright red linings, as all the FVs have them. Also a B Makowski which has beautifully soft leather and is very practical, although more of a biker-chick bag than one I'd take to an interview.

I've also bought a leather Kipling (not from QVC) which is excellent quality and well thought out, but not really dressy. Never tried Stone Mountain, Tignanello or Lulu Guinness. Since you're looking for leather, you know to avoid Kathy van Zeeland, right?

Boden sell good leather bags - they tend to come in bright colours but they're well-made and last forever (and the linings are uber-cute).
i love tiganello - i thought i loved kipling but now think tig bags are excellent value. i would love to try b mak but cannot afford yet. i also have 2 leather kiplings but the tig bag is very user friendly. i have not tried gucci or prada but i do own a vintage lv. bags are my thing...i worry about charlie lapson as qvc.com do not sell them. i also would like a maxx bag and could certainly cope with a fortuna valentina bag. i do not rate stone mountain - have a tsv that aged so fast and looks rubbish.
another tignello vote hear, even using a small bag than I would normally use too!
I agree about the positive comments about Tignanello. They are excellent value and have some really great styles. I've noticed that QVCUS offer more Tig bags than its UK counterpart, so hopefully if they continue to grow in popularity we might see some more colours and styles.
A B Makowsky fan here, really soft leather with chunky hardware. Quite heavy even when empty so steer clear if that's an issue. I tried a Maxx bag but the leather was too stiff and made the bag too rigid for my liking. Would love to try a Charlie Lapson, especially the bright, 'wet look' bags, anybody got one? :spider:
I am also a radley devotee but you dont buy these on QVC
they have their own website
good quality ,well made bags,decent leather and some lovely detailing on them
I like the look of kipling leather too although I dont own one
I think Lulu Guiness bags are overpriced and would steer clear,I could be wrong but I dont think they do many leather ones in that range either
The quality of the kipling leather is fab - I have 4 and they are v hard wearing. They also come guaranteed for 2 years if you keep a proof of posting. None of mine are from qvc - they have outlet shops in Bicester Village and Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth. Usually between 40% - 70% off.
Radley are great quality too and there is a Radley Outlet at Bicester Village and a shop in Gunwharf that isn't a Radley shop but they sell loads of their stuff.
Charlie Lapson - love the designs but I had a bag that fell apart on the strap and had a replacement from QVC, which did the same thing, but I glued because I loved the design (you can't see my repair) is now coming undone on the pocket's stitching. I wouldn't recommend for this reason.
I hope this is useful!
I also have 4 Tignanello bags and I love them. Very reasonably priced, lovely colours and they wear well. I will certainly be buying more in future.
COACH- make brilliant bags,i've been collecting them since I was a teenager,I must have around 9 now.

They started off in New York way way back,in the 70's I believe?? or maybe earlier,the quality dipped somewhat in the 90's as production was outsourced to China,however they are now back on top of their game.

My favourite one which i've been using for the last 3 years is a teal coloured hobo style,which just gets better with age,it's like a tardis it holds so much including my 12" lappy.
The leather they use for these bags is amazing,better than Mulberry I believe as I have compared them,the attention to detail,stitching,quality zips etc is second to none,also the leathers which they use now are also stain resisitant.I paid $350 for the one i'm speaking about and it is worth every single penny as i'm never without it,i've used it practically every day and never gotten bored of it,I love it so much!...but somehow feel i'm neglecting my other fine Coach bags,lol.

By the way I am a fan of the COACH all leather bags,NOT the COACH signature with all the CC'S on them,primarily because the signature style is easily counterfeited like Gucci,LV etc and the fakes have gotten so good they are hard to tell the difference unless you inspect them closely.With the COACH all leather bags any connessieur can instantly tell the real from the fake because the leather is so unique,so much so that the fakers don't even try and copy these ones,they concentrate on the jacquard signature styles.

So if you really want a great leather bag which will last you 20 years or more,you can't go wrong with Coach(all leather)
Mulberry, Kipling, Mulberry, Kipling, Mulberry, Kipling.......:thinking2:

I guess it's Mulberry and Kipling then!:rock:
I like Radley too. The shop at Gunwharf quays (my shoes know their own way there) is called Tula, Tula and Radley are the same firm. Day to day I use kipling as you can use and abuse them and they go in the washing machine, my 2 Radleys live in their dustbags and only come out when i am going somewhere smart which doesn't involve mud muck dirt etcet. The Tula shop is also great for Radley nonsenses...coin purses, keyrings, passport covers etc and Tula wallets which i am addicted to, lovely soft leather and very practical designs. My sis has a Radley document wallet style bag that goes everywhere with her but she lives a more lady like life than I do
I love Ciccia, the feline equivalent of Radley, but they're not widely available. I've been on to QVC asking if they would consider selling them but so far no luck. My favourite QVC brand is Tignanello.
I love Ciccia, the feline equivalent of Radley, but they're not widely available. I've been on to QVC asking if they would consider selling them but so far no luck. My favourite QVC brand is Tignanello.

There was a good selection of Ciccia on Amazon a few months back so I decided to try them. Very impressed with the buttery soft leather I have to say. I'm also a big Radley fan but only the plain leather bags rather than those with the seasonal pictures, etc.

I do like the look of the BM bags on QVC but the ones I prefer in the 'east-to-west' styles are a bit too big for me.
I have 3 Francesco Biasia bags..lovely leather bags in nice colours.
kipling vintage are also very good but not especially stylish,more functional.

I hate Radley bags with a passion.
I also tried stone mountain..but it looked cheap and didn't feel very good quality.

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