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Yesterday I put a post on askin g for advice on buying a television, but the post was moved. Where was it moved to and why please. Seemed harmless enough to me.
Hi, it is in the Technology Section, I know that sometimes posts get moved to more appropriate sections, so that's what may have happened in this case.
Your post was moved into the Technology forum in 24/7 as it was not related to QVC.

I am absolutely 100% sick of logging on to find threads like this. For the last time if you can't find a post then either:

a) Go into your Profile, click show stastics and then select either threads or posts posted by you. They will appear in a list and you can check where they are located; or

b) PM any of the admin or mods and we will respond as soon as we can.
Hi Abbeystead

Its in the drop - technology section. HTH Linda

OH! Sodden hell this is getting too complicated and technical for me LOL. Think I'll go off now and watch Liverpool on the telly (needs no thinking about). But I'll be back later. Terrah for now.
Thanks everyone for your help.
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