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Jun 24, 2008
In the last month i have purchased 2 items from Bid Tv.

I'll start with the second item, a Maxim CD/DVD motorised clean & repair system.
When it arrived i used it many times successfully on many of my CD's.
Now it has broken, but it broke outside their 14 day returns policy by one day:(

The first item was a Zennox 5mp DVC.
Again i have used it without no problem for several weeks, but now the picture quality is deteriorating very quickly, so much so it is now like viewing pictures and videos through cloudy glasses and no matter how i adjust the settings it stays the same. :(

Now i'm not too worried about the CD/DVD repair system as i paid a small sum for it (£13.85 with P&P) but for the DVC i paid £67.99 with P&P.

How can i go about getting refunds or replacements with the 14 day returns expired...
thats very unlucky...

i suppose u could ask bid-up to replace or refund /as the items are neither fit for use or fit for purpose... i read on other forums they have had difficulties securing refunds tho... if u paid by credit card perhaps your credit card people can help in this case

if they refuse try the manufacturers as they must have some kind of warrenty - i think its generally 12 months - all you need is proof of purchase

good luck :)
I'm sure there are consumer laws that override any 14-day policy... Isn't the 14 days just if you change your mind? If the item actually breaks, you should be able to get a refund, as Obliqua says, on the grounds that it's not fit for purpose...

If they are troublesome, try looking up your consumer rights on t'internet!

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