What's the very best thing you have bought from Rocks?


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What a difficult question lol
having bought a couple hundred pieces I'd have to say i have two fav's first would be a 18ct gold star of David pendant with bagette diamonds and secondly an Emerald cross in yellow gold.but they are not the things i wear the most just real bargains .
I bought quite a lot, the ones I like the most are
a ruby/diamond anniversary ring, the stones are gorgeous and substantial. I also love the stackable eternity rings, I have 4 of them, love the blue sapphire and emerald one

The last weeks I am not able to login anymore..... I get always rejected. In the beginning I had withdrawal symptoms, only my cc is happy about this!!
Don't know if they count as I didn't buy them, they were a Christmas pressie.

My 1ct Diamond studs, I just love them.
Wow such a hard question, so many favourite pieces! I love my smokey quartz bracelets, most of my Tookalon pieces fall into the favourite category too. My Rubellite reversible is way up there as is my blue diamond band ring. So so so many to chose from...sorry lol.
I found this practically impossible, every item I picked out, something else was screaming for attention!!! One thing I'll say, Rocks have definitely turned me into a lover of blue gems, almost all my favourites are shades of blue.
Anyway, I finally picked out this one:
It wasn't expensive at all, and is far from one of my "big" purchases, but every time I look at it I think it looks like a blue diamond in white gold! Love the design, the diamonds are twinkly and the blue is gorgeous.
I reserve the right to pick something else tomorrow!!!
my best purchases are probably this;


£20 and £14 respectively.....
i need my jewels B I G else they get lost :15: Ask Calvin....she knows all about how i lost a freebie gem in the depths of my belly button. :bosseyed:
I don't think I can choose just one from the 400 + items I have. Might need to think and re think and come to conclusion. Give me a few days and I will report back :)
I can't choose one from the one or two pieces that I've bought either:whistle: I think the things I love the most are the pieces that I never imagined even liking, and those are all my macasite jewellery, they're just stunningly gorgeous.

Really difficult to choose, but maybe my tanzy reversible ring as it's just so different. I do love the solitaire items as their diamonds are often a big disappointment and I've come to the conclusion I'd rather not have any diamonds if I can't have decent ones.
I too have the smokey quartz and blue topaz Mrs J, would also like garnet.

I'd love a Garnet hedgie too! Would be nice if Rocks did a version of sorts again. I currently have the Peridot, Amethyst and Smokey quartz hedgies and love them all.

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