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Dec 12, 2008
I havent bought anything from rocks yet, i seem to have bad luck every time i tune in they seem to be going off air, its happened twice in 3 days.. on screen it says they are upgrading their systems but they seem to randomly go off air without any warning:33:.. i dont think i can trust them with my credit card details. its gems and tjc for me unless rocks gain some credibility:22::22:
Hi heronakamora. I have made quite a few purchases from Rocks & Co and can totally vouch for them. The pieces have been beautiful and the prices excellent. There are currently a few teething troubles due to the channel changing (by public demand) from a Fixed Price channel to a Falling Auction channel but these are all in hand and will be fixed very soon. I have had no problems with any orders I have placed and delivery has been quick and without any dramas.

In my opinion you can totally trust Rocks & Co with your card details either over the phone or on the web although due to the website being updated at the moment, I would suggest you order by phone.

Hope that helps. Oh sorry where are my manners - Welcome to the forum!

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