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Mar 19, 2009
just wondered if anyone knows why so many presenters have left rocks and co like sam simmons and sharon clancy and why they have loads of new ones it's taking me sometime to get used to them.
Hi mel and welcome to the forum. Rocksandco do seem to be 'losing' their presenters (haven't seen the two you mentioned for weeks so think they must have gone) - think they have been trying a few new ones out at the moment but I think the best presenters are John Scott and Ruth don't think alot to some of the others though!
thanks for your welcome pandabear, yes I totally agree John Scott is my real fav I could watch him all day he's like part of the family. I was watching the other morning and there were three new presenters all a bit OTT every 20mins as if they were being interviewed. Stacey's hands today looked very strange think she had a accident with the fake tan.
Hi Mel and a big Welcome from me too.

Sam Simmons was one of the best presenters Rocks had imho. No histrionics, no stupid faces, no screaching, just plain, straightforward presenting of the pieces. Unfortunately now, apart from John and Ruth, they have the worst presenters in the history of Shopping Telly channels in my opinion. I just can't watch this channel unless John is on and for the life of me I don't know why they have the others on - they are definitely a liability rather than an asset and would be more suited to CBBC!

Hi Klosblue thanks yes I really liked sam although not funny like John she wasn't all dramatic. Did you see John when he was with the Gem Hunter it really was good tv.
Not tooo keen on the new guy they were trying out a couple of days ago, looked like he'd seen a ghost and seemed way OTT also, that said thats a typical R&C presenter thing anyway!

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