Whats been your best buy ever?


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Jun 29, 2008
Seeing as Gems threads have been non-existant lately...I thought it would be a good time to look back at the good old days of great bargains :). I have had quite a few but, although I've never had any valuations, I think this must rank as the best bargain ever...can anyone beat this?


Purchased for the truly amazing price of £87. The colour change is pretty spectacular, too :D. Check this out...normal daylight...


...and in incandescent light...

No doubt everyone will be here to reply to your thread in a few mins Huggles, once they have all logged out of Rocks.tv :D
Beginning to feel like 'Billy-no-mates' here on the Gems part of the forum, Julie. I can hear the tumble-weed blowing in the wind :D.
WOW thats lovely.

Mine is undoubtedly this one,


a 1 ct diamond in a Tiffany setting (my favourite setting), when viewed through a loupe it has an inclusion but sparkles so much that its not noticable
also this:

14k gold with a cushion cut perfectly clear Rubellite, AKA a Don special.


I paid £89 for this and it was valued at £950
and this:


ex demo at £39, with definite colour change, not as vivid as yours but went pink in incandescent light. This was valued at over £900, not sure thats a true valuation though as it was from Stanleys who gems used a lot in those days.
Anyway, one of my friends liked this so much I gave her it :D
Thanks, Lady Darls. Wow...what a choice, I think your Alexandrite top trumps mine, the rubellite is gorgeous and as for the 1ct diamond, if I said I REALLY, REALLY like it could you give it to me, too? :D
That diamond solitaire is stunning Darls. :WUB: Your Alex has a fab colour change Huggles and what a fab price too!! No bargains on Gems these days. :rolleyes: :pPC:
:) Mine was a 3.7mm SI1 solitaire i got for £99(had one of Steve A's 10% off so was £89)
sorry cant do pictures guys. but i can give the item no. it was 57790...
if scw would like to do the honours of putting a picture up for me..thanks scw. xx
Huggles, your RA is fabulous - must be worth a bomb now- and Lady Darls your rubellite is also very beautiful. I also have one of Don's specials, but I don't think the stone is as clear as yours.
I bought loads from Gems, but I don't think I ever had as good a bargain as those. My big regrets are not buying more RA and also sending back a Paraiba Tourmaline ring from the original source. Really stupid, but it's easy to see that in hindsight. Sometimes I still really miss the good old days!
Got these for OH, they were a bargain at £39, every other time I saw them aired they went for £89 or £99.


This is the most fabulous deep blue/violet colour, MTGW 5.25cts for £1740. I originally bought it just for the stone and was going to have it reset because I wasn't that keen on the setting, but IRL it looks so much better, so kept it as a pendant and bought a AAAA ring as well.


Mirabelle, that's such a pretty ring. You'll be able to treasure that little sparkler for the rest of your life at the princely sum of £89, what a bargain! Mad4Gems your husband must be thrilled to have saved £60 on his cufflinks. As for your tanzy...I hope you have it insured, what a beauty :). Come on you lurkers...get your bargains out :D.
I've had some great buys back in the good old days, sadly none to be had anymore but these were my best:

Cost me £24, gave it to my MIL as a present and she never wears it which is a terrible shame

£99 and the diamond is beautiful quality, it sparkles like mad.

Remember when they put all that RA on the web to sell it off? They literally put on 100's of RA rings in one day, I remember the frenzy on here lol, well I got these 2 that day:

£77 - gorgeous, beautiful deep green in the day and purple in low light

£106 - not as good colour change but a stunning ring, my mum loved it so she is now its proud owner

and my best buy ever:

It was the last of a few in this style and was obviously a late return as it appeared months later on the web. With a discount voucher as well I paid just £160 for this and it is just gorgeous.
Ooooooooooohhh, Fraggle :eek:. What a selection...just goes to show how things have changed at Gems. Could you imagine the prices they would command now. The pearl necklace is very pretty and amazed to see it has a gold clasp at that price. Look at the gold weight in the diamond solitaire alone, nowadays they rarely go over 3g never mind the S1 diamond, no way would they sell a diamond of that quality under £200. As for the RA, what generous people you are giving away gifts like this...I wish I was on your and Lady Darls Christmas list ;). Now your tanzy, is in my opinion, the winning bargain for quality of tanzanite and gold weight. Well done Fraggle.

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