what the lowest or highest price you've won an item for?


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Aug 19, 2008
Hi all

me being the nosey bugger that i am, just wondered.

atm i've been bidding on mostly silver items (bargain - under a tenner),

bought 3 gold items a mystic topaz ring for the bargain price of 19pounds and a pink sapphire and diamond ring for 22pounds lastly gorgeous pink topaz earrings for the grand sum of 14pounds. dead stingy me............
(ps my pound symbol has vanished)
I think my cheapest has to be an Amethyst silver ring for £4. Highest is my 18ct half carat diamond ring at £108.
Cheapest were the pink topaz 9ct yellow gold earrings at £14 (think we got ours at the same auction sillysnake!)

Most expensive (at the moment) were the 0.20ct diamond stud earrings at £48.

I have a feeling these statistics will be changing though!! ;)
My cheapest is a £5 silver citrine ring (expected today:D) highest at the moment is pearl and gemstone ring £15. (not yet gone overboard with prices but had a few in between these two which were worth a lot more than I paid!:D)
My cheapest so far is a smokey quartz ring for £5

My dearest so far is a mystic topaz bracelet for £52

and I love them both :dance:


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My cheapest was a marcasite ring for £7, and my dearest was last night a blue topaz and marcasite necklace for £72.
My cheapest is a blue topaz and marcasite ring for £7

Most expensive is tied at £22.....rhodolite garnet and diamond gold ring,swiss blue topaz trilogy ring in rose gold.:)
Cheapest - the green amethyst silver flower ring for £8:)
"Most considered" (to use shopping telly parlance, as if I "considered" at all before bidding it up to the max hahahaha:p) - mystic quartz silver bangle for £54 (I did go a bit overboard with that one, got carried away :rolleyes:- it's still for sale on the Coloured Rocks website for £49, oopsie:eek:! - still, my other bargains more than make up for my overeager bidding:D!)

What a good nosey question hahahaha;)
:) from the 23 pieces I've bought so far my cheapest is a mabe pearl ring for £7
and the most expensive is my Amethyst braclet which is huge for £48
I have to say though my biggest bargain has to be the Zircon and diamond tiffany style ring at just £34 really thought i'd have to go way higher for that one so very happy indeed. I bought 5 things previous to the auction site at full price and I'm still happy :D
love the piccies bsb great pieces there, my cheapest would have to be my 40 point peridot ring, a steal at £4 and my most expensive, an emerald pendant i won last night for £18, but i mainly been paying around £9 per item and im lovin it :D
:eek: do i confesss ? my cheapest so far has been blue topaz earrings for £5 and the most my yellow diamond ring for £80 ooer and the cognac diamond last night £95 im off for a lye down!!1:eek:
I think it's because they are trying to establish the company as an online auction site and get the word spread, if you know what I mean?
Have you not looked in Yaz, it's great fun to watch, very spontaneous. I've not managed to win anything yet but have tried.
I am intriqued by this new channel.

How/why is everything bought so cheaply?:confused:

I think it's purely because it's an auction format, so the prices can't go higher than people will bid. All start at 0, so there is always a possibility of free goodies too, though I think that only happened for the first few days. And since the site is so new, there are not that many people around to bid up the prices. In fairness though, some items go fairly high, depends on how much the bidders want them and how many are fighting over the item in question. To be honest, I've gone a bit mad with them, figuring that as time goes by and more people join up, the prices will climb too. So I might as well get bargains while they are available!!!
I think it's because they are trying to establish the company as an online auction site and get the word spread, if you know what I mean?
Have you not looked in Yaz, it's great fun to watch, very spontaneous. I've not managed to win anything yet but have tried.

I have had a quick look but not joined or anything, not to sure why as I have seen loads of lovely items.

I really must join in, I feel left out lol:D

thanks for the info.:)
The most inexpensive was a smokey quartz ring for £9.00.
The most expensive was a multi-gem necklace set in silver at £24.00.
The biggest bargain was a white gold diamond pendant at £18.00.

Most of the items I have bought have been between £10.00 to £20.00 - though did try to up this last night, unsucessfully!

My cheapest was the lovely silver, black onyx & marcasite ring for £7 (I notice the same ring seems to go for around £19 lately).
Most expensive thing I have kept is the multi gem bracelet for £76 - it's worth at least double that, and possibly more. It's really beautiful.
I did win another bracelet for £78, but unfortunately that one had to go back - it's the only thing I have returned.
Great thread! :)
The item I paid the least for is my citrine and silver pendant which was £5, it is really pretty and such a bargain! My most expensive was the blue diamond cluster ring, which was £88, but worth every penny and much more I would think. Rocks have such wonderful items, I am completely addicted.
So far have had about 19 items from Rocks.
Cheapest was a white Zircon ring cos it was free, PC028
Best Value was a silver watch at £12 with pearls on the bracelet.VW836
Yummyest is the Multi Gem Bangle QZ551
Love a lot the Blue Topaz Earrings WA083
Bargains were Multi colour Pearl silver necklace £18 (DE495),Amethyst and Dia ring £24 (ED815),Blue Topaz and Marcasite Earrings £12 (HH121).

Have loved everything so far,trouble is I bought for my prezzie bag and Xmas gifts but am thinking of keeping some of the things for me.LOL

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