OMG - a haul as big as one of bargainhunter's... lol


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Jun 24, 2008
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Well since Xmas was more or less cancelled for me this year, I decided to have a nice big delivery from Rocks and I could open it on Xmas day to cheer myself up. I got kind of carried away with the Xmas spirit though, and the delivery came in a box 3 foot cubed, lol, what an embarrassing thing that was! It wasn't easy to leave it alone for two whole days, but I managed it - and the results definitely cheered up my Xmas!


I've been intrigued by this for a while - but I'm still not convinced by carnelian, and I think that this one is going back.


This one is a bit of a different colour from my usual, but I think I like it! I have the design in blue topaz, and it's nice on. I suspect this one stays.


This was a bit of a risky buy - I returned the matching earrings for being horrible! However, the necklace looked much better. I was actually a bit disappointed when I tried this one on - until I realised that I disliked the lack of a central focal point. Tied the two middle drops together, et voila - pretty as a picture and staying!!!


I'm now undecided about this one. I love the colour of the pearls, think the leather cord is quite funky, but I'm still not sure. It's a bit long, and only sits right when I adjust it with the loop right up agains the pearls. At first I was convinced I'd keep it, but this photo is actually helping to put me off!


Very pretty, maybe a bit similar to some other bits I have but it was sooo cheap I can't help but keep it!!! The colours are fabulous in real life. Does anyone know if the silver bits are the real deal in these bracelets?


Sadly these earrings to match my necklace failed the weight test for me, so they have to go back unopened. Boohoo.


Wow wow wow wow wow... I love this!!! I knew I would though... Just stunning, what a big look!


This is much prettier than I expected, I adore it! The pearl colours are more pastel pink than I thought they would be from the picture - and better. Love the lurex cord too, lovely and soft. Yum.


I'm not the world's biggest fan of turquoise but I loved the design of this and decided to give it a shot. Sadly, this turquoise is not very nice, so I'm returning it - would be good if Rocks opted to do this design in some other stones though, as it's sooooo pretty!




My big extravagance from the haul was this apatite and zircon ring, which I've coveted for some time. I won some money just before Xmas and decided to blow it on this one. It's a lovely design and it makes the most of the stone.


Yeah, I know, it looks like teeth...
At first that put me off, but it's grown on me. Those teeth are fabulously irridescent, and I really like the pearls too! Now staying, despite an initial berth on the returns pile.


How pretty is this???? It's too ****** long for me, but I found a complicated knot affair at the back:

keeps it on my wrist. So once again my ingenuity (lol) has enabled me to spend more money!!! Honestly, the stone is amazing, I was gutted till I came up with the cunning solution...


This is every bit as nice as the purple one above. I do think they're a bit dense on pearlage, I like a bit of skin to show through, but they were end of line bargain basement prices, I really can't bear to part with them!!!


As with the matching necklace at the start, I just don't like it. Bye bye.


I'm still undecided on this one - it's a pretty stone, but I have some very similar things already. Lovely colour though, I'm still tempted!!!


My photo does this no justice - I think it's one of my favourite items from this delivery. Very twinkly indeed, and a lovely shape. Yum.


Another I'm undecided about is this green amethyst. It was definitely staying for a while, but then I went off it - especially compared to the concave cut green am bracelet above. Very low price though, so still thinking about it.


More mystic blue, this one was the one I chose originally, but it disappeared off the website before I could buy, presumably sold out. I got the other two on the rebound... I imagine I got a return here. Love it, what can I say...?


I also snagged the peach one... Again, low cost, lovely pearls, no chance it's going!


A bit like the "tooth" bracelet, this was originally going back, but it's grown on me a lot. Loads of garnet and silver for the money, I think it's staying now.

Additionally, I got a celtic cross in amber for hubby's Xmas (he loved it loads, couldn't photograph coz he's wearing it to work today) and two of the mystic blue ring in the same design as the green amethyst one. Rocks refunded the one I returned last time instead of replacing it - but I got these for much less money so actually worked out quite well. So low I bought one for me as well as the replacement for my friend.

Any advice on the bits I'm not so sure of would be appreciated! Really thought I'd return about half of this lot, that's about normal for me, this was a major triumph of a haul in comparison - especially considering how much of it was bought because of bargain prices rather than because I really wanted it!!! CC is not a happy bunny as refund will be rather smaller than expected!

Took ages to do the pics today, in a freezing cold garden, I need to defrost now!!! Excuse the nails, they're having their annual polish free week, but they always look ghastly due to my psoriasis damage on them, hence I never go without polish most of the year. I also took the chance to chop them down to the bone!

It's been
wow wow wow wow wow wow what a haul. you deserve the lot (apart from the returns that you don't like).
I really like the pearls and carnelian, and BH snagged me carnelian earrings, so mine were keepers. Love all the other bits apart from your 'teeth' bracelet, sorry Anne, not my thing, but looks good on you. That apatite ring is beautiful. I've eyed up the lurex and bunch of pearl necklace many times, but never seem to have manage to snag it. The turquoise necklace looks lovely on you, I wasn't a fan of turquoise before, but I like the mottled turquoise. Fabulous haul, as usual, you're giving BH a run for her money!!!!

Love the mystic blue pendant and ring and also the apatite and zircon ring, I agree about the turquoise pendant the turquoise doesnt look very nice but I like the design. I also love the peach pearl bracelet.

It looks like a lovely sunny day in your pictures Anne, no sun here today, its been freezing fog so I havent been out at all.

Hope you enjoy the pieces that you keep
Wow Anne that most certainly does rival BH hauls but your haul is ecleitc (SP)and unusal so well done you on a big lovely haul

I know what you mean Ian. mysmilie_1436

Anne, so was that 27 cu ft of bling in one box then?

Lovely pics as ever...and you had some nice blue sky in the background to set them off.

Would agree with you about the keepers and the returns, but I did think the Turquoise necklace looked very nice on you, but no good if the turquoise isn't up to par. But....the Apatite ring is the business for me and I would have that in a heartbeat, its lovely.

Am glad that your Xmas Day turned out to be better than expected. (Mine did too!)
WOW Anne what can I say :33: Lovely haul and you have made my day i can now say there is some one just as mad as me receiving bling in a big box :11:

I love the carnelian but if its not you send it back!

I like you have all the 3 colours in this design I think you need to add the amethyst one in your collection too :)

I unfortunately don't like the pearl necklace sorry. Is it silver or ribbon?

Now this I have in my basket at the moment - the leather cord with pearls. I was hoping it would not drop that low!!!

I have both the wider pearl bracelets and wear them a lot.

Shame the earrings were a bit on the heavy side. I wear them and they are fine for me. I am on the lok out for the matching necklace!

Love the pendant - its on wish list!!

Now this was what I wanted to add to my order when I pm you. Again I will have to request it - looks great on you anne.

Turquoise necklace looks fab. on you. I kept mine as it was a bargin price. Didn't think you would like the delicate design?

Love love love the apatite ring

sorry not keen on the teeth pearl bracelet!!!!

Have the rest. I think you need to keep the blue topaz ring - looks stnning on you.

Good to see the garnet bracelet. Have been tempted by this but can see its going to be too big on me.

Love all your keepers and now I can say Anne had a big delivery too :1:
A fantastic haul Anne it just beat my last haul by one, its all beautiful I couldn't send any of it back, its so difficult to say no in the auctions. Enjoy wearing it.
Fab haulage Anne! Love lots of them...too many to list actually, but my absolute faves are the Mystic Topaz pendant and ring...both on wish list!!
Wow :flower: wow :flower:wow

I found myself agreeing with your comments on a lot of the the thick pearl bracelets (y'know wot I mean lol) I've got the bluey one myself.
The blue pendant & the apatite are amazing!!

As for the rest.... if you know you won't wear them, then send em back, although I find this hard when I consider the bargain price I've paid & probably end up keeping stuff
I love carnelian, but am unsure about their stone in the pendant - but then I think it could be too deep for my liking. & as for the cord pearls, I like the style, but then I find I need a long length which could be biasing me towards them....
There I've not been any help! Job done :lol:
Wow, now that is what you call a haul, well done on all of them hun, shame they arent all keepers but just think what else you can buy when you get the refund lol
love all the pieces - especially the toothy pearl one, think thats my fave! if you see the torquise cabachon 27ct ss ring grab it is stunning a big look but gorg - also 24ct ss cabachon black onyx another big gorgeous piece.:40:
OMG Anne, what a delivery lol

I like some and don't like others, I actually was sent the pearl necklace on the lurex thread by a forum member as a gift and its lovely (it looks great with a white t shirt).

Loving your pearls, not sure about the teeth bracelet (new name for it) but I don't think its hideous. Apatite is fabulous, ive always thought so and your ring has confirmed that belief.

You did good girl, wear them in good health :1:
Sorry to be so late in complimenting you on your latest haul Anne - I expect the next 'little' parcel is winging it's way to you as I type! You have some wonderful pieces there - the mystic topaz ones are particularly lovely.
Somebody has been busy hasn't she! Thanks for doing all the photographs in the cold so that we could have a look at your haul. At first glance I thought the apatite ring was PT. It's beautiful. Some stunning designs in there and pretty pieces. Enjoy all that you keep.
Crikey! what a haul and a half that is! you have obviously been a very good girl this year lol

love the garnet bracelet, the blue pendant, the pearl cuff, the... actually it all looks very tasty indeed. Enjoy enjoy!
cracking items Anne - we can see how chilly it was!

my faves are the apatite ring, by a mile, and the round garnet bracelet. love the design of the turquoise necklace on you and with your colouring it suits you but I think it would look better in a turquoise with slighly less matrix.

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