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Jun 24, 2008
Church of Schumacher, recruiting again!
Since bargainhunter begged nicely, here are the piccies of my latest haul:


Finally bit the bullet and paid the full CR price for this garnet bracelet. However, the stones are too dark - it comes over very similar to the iolite version, so since this was double the price (£49) it's gone home.


As I mentioned in another thread, the damn hearts on this wouldn't sit flat for me - not even for a 30 second pose for a piccy. Very impressed by my first glimpse of blue sandstone though, I'll be on the lookout for a nice item featuring this gorgeous glittery stone.


This one had me debating whether to keep it or not. It's a nice style and fit, but the stones just didn't blow me away - the only bit I felt I absolutely adored were the tiny red pearls, but it was all pretty. In the end, I decided against it, but I may live to regret my decision!


These are miles too long, had to go. Have to say the blue one looked a bit mismatched to me, though the purple was pretty.


Another one I bought from CR - and no way it's worth the price I paid. I lost this from an order over Xmas due to stock issues. Then I paid £6, from CR it was £22. Probably I'd have kept it at the lower price. It is a bit fiddly to fasten though. That said, I like the black pearl/onyx combo, I wouldn't mind getting something else.


I really like this sweet little pearl charm bracelet - will go with my coin pearl earring/necklace set too. A nice fit, and a good deal at £13.


Pretty little pearls, not an outstanding design but the stones are lovely and it's got the length I need without too much weight. A bargain at £4. I also had the pink & white version, but I didn't take to it as much (and I think it was shorter).


These are just gorgeous - love the unusual use of triangles, nice pearls, good length, lightweight. Not the cheapest pearly earrings I've had from Rocks (£9), but the design makes it worth the extra.


I've had an eye on this since it appeared in the first Rocks re-stock last year. It never came up at a bargain price till now though, so I had written it off until I spotted it going for £11. I was actually a bit disappointed when I opened it - the spiral is quite flimsy feeling and the whole thing is very lightweight. But the pretty design grew on me, and I think it's actually good value, so it's now staying.



Sarah Bennett lemon quartz & diamond ring (index finger - the other one's my new Suarti). I've had an urge to buy a swirl cut ring for many months now, and they're disappearing fast - I think they were all one-offs, so not easy to snag at auction. I got lucky with this one at just £18, and I love it. Really glad I went for it, if there are any others coming up you should get one! This one however is staying here!!!


The third of my Coloured Rocks purchases, this one gets to stay. It's a bit more expensive (£26) than I paid for my lemon quartz (£15) and mystic blue topaz (£19) versions at auction, but still a good price IMO. I love this design!


This is another one that disappeared from a previous basket last year, decided to go for it again and it's lovely. A really big look, and the amber glows. The silver is much shinier than it looks in this piccy, I think it's so reflective that it's worked against it here, that's scenery not smudging!!! Another bargain at £11.

There were also some other earrings, some I didn't like, some disappeared in my hair, some were a bit dull, some looked as cheap as they were (!), some were miniscule and some couldn't be stretched out properly for a good look through the bag. I didn't bother taking piccies of them all, bag after bag of indeterminate pearls could get seriously boring!!!
I love seeing you're haul PQ,you take such good piccies!!!

Yourself and BH should be the Rocks models imo:1:

Back to your haulage for a the keepers,the pendants look great on you,shame about the overlong bracelets,I have the same issues with them falling off my wrists too.I do like the pearl/tourmaline bracelet if I am honest,as you say the red pearls look fab....they are not the cheapest bracelets they do but I think they are very pretty,a good summer look.

As for the swirl ring...............fabby,fabby,fabby!!!!!

I was lucky enough to bag one of these one off designs last year too,in honey quartz for a bargainous £13!!!!

I wear it loads!!!


Oh wow sp, how lovely to see another one! (And omg what a low price - I take it that's from the "olden days" on Rocks lol??)
As you say, the more I look at the piccy of the pearl/tourmaline bracelet, the more I think I should have kept it...
But I'm not short of a bracelet or two anyway! I daresay I'll get over it.
Oh wow sp, how lovely to see another one! (And omg what a low price - I take it that's from the "olden days" on Rocks lol??)
As you say, the more I look at the piccy of the pearl/tourmaline bracelet, the more I think I should have kept it...
But I'm not short of a bracelet or two anyway! I daresay I'll get over it.

I think I got it when they had just started the falling price thingy.I had seen Barry show it a couple of times and he referred to it as the Top Hat ring lol.....I am not sure they were so au faire with the new system so when it dropped to that price I nabbed it!!!:20:

I wonder why they didn't do more in this cut?

It's nice to have a one off I suppose though:1:
Thank you Anne feel much better now had my bling fix!!! :) All keepers are lovely as usual. Love the triangular pearl earrings. Have some of the old designs myself we do have great taste lol.

I have the Onxy/pearl bracelet it does get easier the more you wear it but don't think its worth £22. It makes me laugh when presenters say guide price £54 or whatever it is - don't think anyone would pay that much for these bracelets!!!!

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