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Aug 2, 2009
This came today - 18K white gold and AA tanzanite, 7.5mm round cut. Now, this is the first piece of real tanzanite I've ever seen in the flesh, but in my opinion, it's a very good colour considering it's only AA and not AAA. It's cut really well (don't know whether a round cut is the same as a brilliant cut, but it looks brilliant cut) and it's a very deep blue. Under the kitchen spotlights it flashes pink and purple too. It cost just under £449. Do you think it's a fair price or good value?


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From the mm size I would guess that the carat weight is below 1.5ct? If it's over 1.5ct then it's a very good price. If under 1.5ct, it's a fair price. The tone of your Tanzanite is lovely and the saturation is nice as it's not overly dark - it's a good AA looking at it. The cut is also lovely.

All in all, I'd be happy if that popped through my letter box!

Most importantly, how do YOU feel about it?
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I saw this ring (I think it's the same) in the solitaire hour and, if I'd had the money, I'd have snapped it up. It's exactly the tanzanite ring of choice for me...I'm sooooooo jealous! I hope you enjoy it, Greenie :).
Simple style, lovely stone, looks very pretty on your hand, Greenie...... I'd be pleased with it if I were you!
What a lovely ring. If you love it, it doesn't really matter how much you paid, does it? It only matters if you're planning to sell it on in the near future.

I am very jealous!
Thanks all for your opinions!

Meeshoo - the carat weight is 1.572 MTGW.

Huggles - yes it is the same ring as you saw in the Solitaire Hour. That's where I got it from.

The only thing I'm not overly keen on is all the prongs. I think it would have been nicer with just 4. But considering everything else - the colour and carat weight and cut and cost -I reckon it's a good deal so will be keeping it. It really is pretty. And my first piece of real Tanzanite! (I've got a QVC diamonique simulated AAA tanzy, which is lovely but not the real thing) I never thought I'd be able to afford a real tanzy with a good colour, but looks like this is it!
Very pleased you found a lovely tanzy ring Greenie, wear it in good health. Think of the extra prongs as a bit of a safety net. Did you see the tanzanite show on Ideal World last night? If you did, you must now be feeling doubly pleased with your ring because, although some of the tanzanite was lovely, the prices were absolutely ridiculous. I was sitting there wishing I could shout at the people buying to turn over to TJC!
Greenie - can you post a picture of the profile? It might be possible to take off the north and south prongs. You'd have to live with the ones at 2, 4, 8 and 10 o'clock - or have the head taken off the ring and replaced with prongs at N, S, E and W. I have a 2ct round Tanzy from Gems which reminds me of yours with 4 prongs - if you want to see what yours would look like I'll post a picture for you to compare. TBH yours is simply lovely and I'd be tempted not to change anything.
Thanks, Meeshoo, but tbh I wouldn't go to the bother of changing it.

Lynn has just sold the same ring on their Solitaire Hour tonight, and compared to the one she was wearing, mine has much better colour. Hers was nice but nowhere near such deep blue. I think I've been lucky with the one I was sent. The one which sold tonight DID have a free upgrade box (mine didn't) and 3 easy payments (mine didn't) but sold for £10 more than mine!
I saw that Greenie and recognising it assumed it must just be a similar style, as that one was considerably paler than yours. Well done much better ring and you didn't have to pay £10 for a posh box - lol. Just goes to show what a lottery it is though, but in their favour also shows they don't cherrypick for demos. Enjoy. xxx
What a beautiful ring Greenie, that is such a gorgeous colour!
Personally, from a purely aesthetic point of view, I think it looks lovely just the way it is, with all the prongs, I certainly didn't find them distracting, a very nicely balanced design I thought! :flower:
(If you're curious to see what it might have looked like with less prongs, or a different orientation of prongs, why not Photoshop the pics, should take the average competent teen about 5 mins. to do? lol)

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