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Feb 3, 2009
Some of you prob know from my gemstv thread, i am looking for a pressie of my aunt for my 30th.

what do you guys think of this: 554714 at £89.

It's really hard to say. It's a very pretty design. I've never bought diamonds from TJC, but from what I've heard, if it's not from the Iliana range it can be a bit hit and miss at to whether the diamonds sparkle or not. When they do, they really do, in which case it will be gorgeous, but if they don't....

(I think I like the square one from Gems better - sorry! I think it must be because it looks a mix of really modern and also art deco, which I really like.)

Just looked again - That's a nice size diamond in the middle - if that sparkles it'll be great!
I've never bought from this channel so I can't comment on the quality of their diamonds but for what it's worth I much prefer the design of the square one from Gems.
Only just caught up with your dilemma. I bought a pair of diamond earrings fromTJC recently just 9ct w/g .33ct. The diamonds do sparkle, but are not white white. TBH I wasn't expecting them to be, but I have also bought a w/g pendant from Gems, and the diamonds sparkle like crazy and are really white, both were under £100 BTW.

i recently got some studs too from tjc, diamonds are nice, sparkle like mad. I also have a diamond pendant from gems from a few years ago, and the diamonds in that are nice and sparkly too.

I like both designs, I like the simplicity of the tjc one, would go with everything, perfect for everyday wear etc. I like the gems tv one too, unusual design, not sure if its abit fussy for me, Love the art deco feel to it though. hmmm, so in other words, still stuck between them! and just to really confuse myself, seen a nice ring on gems!
the ring is a gems tv item, UQK8654.
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ok, i ordered 554714 and it arrived today. I was really nervous (sad i know).
well, the diamonds sparkle like CRAZY! i have tried to look closely at them, to see clarity etc, which has proven hard as they just keep sparkling so all i can see is bright white light, but they do seem a nice white colour, and no massive obvious marks in them (mostly the centre diamond i was checking).

its only small, a nice compact round of major sparkle, in fact it sparkles far more than the diamond pendant i have thats bigger, so i was suprised.

i like the fact it would go with anything, and is quite a timeless design, as i am turning 30, but i want something i'll still want to wear when i am 60!

tried taking a pic, but can't catch a good one, diamonds are soooo hard to photo!

its £89 by the way.

so, now its decision time, i have my eye on 2 other pendants, incase i don't keep this one, they are 460437 and 451784

so what do you guys think?
Glad your pleased with it and its a sparkler!

Both your other choices are very pretty as well, i especially like the solitare, you have 2 choices either keep the one you are pleased with and do not order the other 2 or if you can aford to get the other 2 home as well so you can see all 3 together.
The solitare would be more valuable as all the carat weight is in 1 stone (if it is a nice white clean diamond), but its all personal choice, good luck deciding x
I decided to try it on on my own chain, not the thin one it came with, and i fell in love! it looks lovely, so sparkly and eyecatching, and with being a simple design will go with anything. So, i've decided its a keeper! although i like the other 2 designs, i have no idea what they'll look like IRL, where as i know this one is exactly what i want IRL.
Thanks for all your advice and help guys, i'll try and take some pics of it on
Really pleased you've found one you love :35: and hope you enjoy wearing it for many years to come.
From time to time, a piece just sings out to you and you know it's right. I'm sure you'll get much pleasure and wear from it.

Argey xx
The one you've bought sounds lovely. Of the other two, I like the solitaire, but if the one you have is a sparkler, I'd stick with it - sounds as if you're pretty attached to it already :)

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