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Jun 25, 2009
Tuned in to watch the Emu presentation last night as I need (sorry - WANT) a new pair. Was thoroughly put off by the Australian presenter who kept carping on about them being for young people but EVEN 40 or 50 year olds could wear them if they were the right sort of person.

Patronising c*w! If I hadn't just bought a new television I'd have taken one of me Emus off and thrown it at the screen. Sorry, Emu, you've just lost a customer.

As a 60 year old with a good disposable income I would advise this woman to be more careful about alienating potential customers. Qvc ought to speak to her sternly about her attitude before they air her again!
I'm aghast, truly! I personally don't like them but, if I did, I wouldn't see anything wrong in wearing them and I'm in my 60s!
love em - except not at QVC prices - and I am the wrong side of 40. What a crass remark to make. Let's face it - they may be trendy - but look at their heritage - and quite frankly when I was a kid these kinds of boot were de regeur for anyone old (and by that I mean my age now)
I noticed that and it bothered me too. She also said that older people who weren't at the cutting edge of fashion could wear the ballet????? shoes (Moccasins)
Thanks for that sweetie. :10: I wouldn't want to go out and disgrace myself in a pair of Emus. The furry moccasins on the other hand, are right up my street.
I liked a few, but wouldn't pay the high sum!

As someone else said - if Jill Franks feels she can wear them, and probably DOES so with great confidence, then ANYONE can as she looks like Iggy Pop's long-lost twin brother! :tongue2:

Ignore that silly, patronising woman - everyone should feel they can buy what the hell they like! What's wrong with her - is the slightly older person's money not good enough?
Patronising c*w! If I hadn't just bought a new television I'd have taken one of me Emus off and thrown it at the screen.

Don't hold back now Henrietta, tell it like it is.....! :grin::grin::grin:
Hilarious, nearly spat my lovely cup of tea out everywhere when I read your post- drinking whilst laughing (more guffawing actually! lol) not really going together! :grin:

How rude & patronising of her though, what a total cheek! Wonder what the preferred 'upper age limit' is for their stupid boots then.....25.....35.....? :wonder2:
Should write to QVC, asking, innocently, the upper age limit as you'd been considering buying some for your mother but now have discovered, courtesy of guest, that she's too old.....:tongue2::tongue2:
I didn't see the incident, but just to play devil's advocate, could it be that the vast majority of their customers are of the younger persuasion? All this summer I've seen young girls with this style of boot in town, even on hot days.
Having said that, so many companies ignore the (how to tactfully put it?) .... older generation who have paid off their mortgages, whose kids have left home and now find they have more disposable income than they've ever had before. I feel they are very shortsighted and ignore us at their peril!! :cool2:
Strange thing is, these types of boots look exactly what I would expect an older person to wear, as I well know there comes a time when comfort becomes priority!! :emo:

Personally I hate them but I hope they give her some lessons in tact!

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