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Jun 29, 2008
Well we have a thread for overused words/phrases that QVC use, so I thought I would do a thread for words/phrases that we would like QVC to use more often.

I will go for:

Try not to exceed the never mentioned 50% of items returned policy.

We have exhorbitant P & P and the item will take an eternity to arrive at your address.
Although we say its exclusive to us , you can infact get it cheaper and quicker elsewhere
Well it's not actually the full size...it is in fact the smallest size mineral foundation that Bare Escentuals produce - but we think we can get away with calling it "the full size" because most of our customers won't know any different.
it's quite nice really

it's ok if you like that sort of thing

if you buy this then you've got more money than sense

I can't stand Christmas myself

Yoghurt makes me heave

Actually you can chose from a vast range of products on your local high street, and have a fun day out shopping with your friends, a nice lunch use public transport and not have to pay parking fees
''I'ts total cr@P, but I've got to shift at least 100 of the bliddy things so get dialling or I'll be standing in the dole queue tomorrow.''
Ask yourself..."Do I really need this?"

If you vomit down your clothes a lot, you'll love the Kim & Co patterns and washability.

This would suit an older person with no taste.

No need to brave the High Street and breach your ASBO.
You really won't like this at all, it looks so cheap and nasty compared to Primark...

The phonelines are so quiet at the moment, no-one's queueing - so the best bet is not bother with Q-Cut or the Red Active Button...

This prestigious face cream is really only the same as Nivea but we're charging £100 more for it, if you want real value for money go to Boots instead...
If you buy this top in all of the colours you'll rack up 30 quid in p and p alone!
This simply wouldn't go with your nice white T shirt and jeans.

S*d the teachers, they don't deserve a present this year.

Your friends will say "what the hell did you buy that for?"

No one in their right minds would want to receive this as a gift.

Just look at the lack of attention to detail!

"I'm a size large" - JR
This eau de parfum bliddy stinks, I wouldn't use it to kill bluebottles with...

These pies are fatty, stodgy and disgusting - pass the rennies...

You'll sweat like a pig in these polyester clothes, and don't even mention the camel toe I've got going on here...
I get all of this stuff for free or heavily discounted,so of course i'm going to say it's great.

Actually my husband is a bit of minger but i'm afraid he'll leave me if I don't say how handsome he is every two minutes.

Of course this tooth whitener doesn't actually work otherwise my own teeth wouldn't still be green.

I'm a size 16.

Now waaaaaaaaaaaaait a minute?..... Lulu how can you sit here and lie to people like this?

So,Jan Springer,has anyone told you look like something a cat would cough up?
If you really hate it you can always stick it on Ebay and con some other poor fool

No I don't feel like "Celebrating" this product's aniversary, it's just shopping when all's said and done

Molton Brown,? Molton Brown? no, never heard of them
prescriptives are going out of business so it doesn't matter if you lurve it you won't be able to get it again.

These clothes are designed for a 6ft model so you'll look ridiculous in it.

when the presenters all get together we all laugh at you for falling for all this twoddle we tell you
to a T C "oh stop wafflling on you silly fool, i've not got time to listen to you, got to hit my targets"
If you are out items will be delivered to your blue wheelie bin(as has happened to me) in 5-21 days at well over the top p&p cost

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