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Sep 8, 2008
Just to say if anyone is considering buying this, I can highly recommend it. I have the pink Sansa Clip 2gb with radio & it really is excellent. The sound quality is as good as my iPod (to my untrained ears!) & I love the recorder on it, I've used it to record the radio & also as a voice recorder & the quality again is excellent.
I've ordered the 8gb today, as a Christmas present.
I also thought it looked good and a good price, sandisk are a good brand, I have a small mps similar to this and mine was about £100, so I'd also say it looks a good deal!
Oh no - why did I wander into this thread....

I am a gadget freak....

I might have to get this TSV now.....
Top Cat, I know what you mean. I have been swayed many times on here!!!
I just posted in case anyone was wavering & not sure of the quality. They really are tiny, the charge lasts really well & the clip is really handy when you're travelling (e.g. trains & planes).
The reason I ordered is because they are £46.99 on Amazon, so this is a good price.
For when I'm doing housework I use a small San Disk one that OH got in Sainsbury's for £2.50, it's great.
I have a smaller version of this, it is really good, but the clip isn't all that good, I have bought a little pouch for mine to live in so I can still hang it around my neck!
Its got great reviews on amazon have just ordered the 2gb from them in red for £17.99 + postage ,, think that be plenty memory for me and looks good price for what you get :32:
I agree with everyone else on this thread . I've got one of these and it is a fab little gadget . I prefer it to my little ipod Shuffle because of the radio .
I bought one this afternoon, after looking online to see what price they were elsewhere. I couldn't find it cheaper anywhere else. It's now sold out and is on advanced orders, for delivery w/c 29th December.
I bought the previous TSV, the Sanza Fuse.

It was a bit more expensive, and I can't work out how they are different...

Incidentally, I love it!
Thanks Toril,
I was just wondering if it had sold out & I forgot to check before midnight (too busy preparing 20% discount M&S order!!).
I don't know why but I always feel better knowing it has sold out.
Oh dear! I missed it........I looked at the last one and thought I'd wait and been out most of today so didn't have it on, serve me right

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