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Emma 1

Registered Shopper
Jul 8, 2008

Can anyone tell me if they have bought anything from travelon. I liked the look of the bag they had on yesterday, looks like it would hold a lot. I did try to order the black one but it is on waitlist and I was wanting it to take to Prague with me in a couple of weeks so declined as I know it wouldn't be here on time. There were a couple of other smaller ones but didn't order anything. Any advice please.
Personally I think Travelon make really good bags at a cheap - sorry affordable - price . I have just ordered their small leather one in spite of being a Kipling freak . I also have the one with the umbrella in the bottom and the one that converts to a backpack . Go for it !
Ive got the leather cross over bag its got lods of pocket cost about £15 always always use it when I go on holiday
I, too, am a Kipling freak but I do have a number of travelon bags and I have been very pleased with each of them.
I bought a lovely small bag, well more like a wallet, for holding my travel docs. Its in black with a shocking pink lining and I really like it. Good quality and it was about £10 (plus p&p).

Linda :60:
i love them in the main just the larger shoulder ones have very wide straps that are too wide for me personally......horses for course BUT leather bags at their prices cant be too bad eh what ????
I'm also a Kipling lover but I have a small Travalon bag too. My Travalon bag has survived me taking it on holidays for a few years now and it's just recently survived my 13 year old daughter taking it to Disneyland Paris on a school trip- rides and all! It still looks like new too.

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