Tova's wig askew?


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Jun 26, 2008
Tova is on with Catherine this evening - I'm sure her wig looks a little lop-sided. Perhaps she has been having a bit of a 'Tova Nights' backstage? :tongue2:
The amount of perfume being sprayed round earlier I am surprised it hasn't melted !
Old fashioned glamour

Good ol' Tova really brings that real old style Hollywood glamour
to QVC precedings. I do wish though with all the effort she puts
into being beautifully dressed and made up that she would at
least invest in some quality real hair wigs instead of those
so obviously synthetic numbers. Not to mention she is a walking
fire risk!:sweat:

I like some of her diamonique designs.
Very classy looking.
She ought to get together with the lady who does all the cooking in the kitchen - the one who demonstrates all the new equipment, and yet her hair is never out of place - it never grows, and is always rigid and shiny. I cant take my eyes of it !!!!!! and as for her fingernails, nicely polished, but somehow I would'nt want to eat anything she has made, a bit creepy, or is it me ?
I thought that apart from her beautiful face Tova looked real frumpy yesterday. Hide
The wig last night was positivly scarey , I couldnt think what was wrong with it but now I realise that it was crooked , As has been said before I wish she would buy some better wigs in more natural colours
I think she could see that it was wonky on the monitor, once or twice she put her hand up to the wig as if she was going to tug it, then thought better of it and quickly put her hand down. Talking of hands, the PS does a great job with her face but the hands are such a give away.

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