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Susie Wusie

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Jun 24, 2008
At 3.40 today he said 9ct gold is £300 a gram. NO IT IS NOT. Scrap it is £16 on average and new it is £45 average. Why oh why does he lie so much and get away with it.
Yes, I heard that too. I was very surprised, as I also thought gold had a very different scrap value per gram. They are currently selling rubellite rings for eye watering prices. Would you trust them enough to pay these amazing amounts for rings?
I would not trust them at all, especially after watching The Aprentice the other night and getting an insight on their pricing games.
TJC, their presenters and guests make many, many spurious claims.
I know they have been in trouble before for making false claims, I will Google where they were reported to.
Perhaps if they were reported more often, this nonsense would stop.
As an aside, I don't really see what Mr Dinaz brings to the party ? He makes inflated claims about values and quality, frankly are often so outrageous it makes you question everything he says and he has the personality of a dead fish ! Why do they have him on there ?
Well, Chloe is doing just fine on her own - without Tony or anyone else - selling emeralds. But wow, they are so expensive! Today I met a previously well off retired lady who started making deliveries as a freelance to make ends meet due to the terribly high cost of living. I couldn't see many people able to afford emeralds for 2229 pounds.... And yet Chloe is successfully selling them so I must be wrong!
But back to Tony, when we see presenters successfully doing their thing, it makes one feel that Tony and company are a bit superfluous!

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