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Sep 1, 2008
Doe's anyone know if this is a good deal as l'm looking for one and this looks okay. TIA
I was wondering the same thing. I fancy a video camera, but don't want anything too expensive or complex- and it is very cute :1:
Seems a good price, looks like they have had a exclusive model number on it , thats why they say you cant get it anywhere else, if you want to look for price comparasons look for MS100 (and JVC currently have £30 cashback on that model)

I had the Hard Drive version which is identical and the footage wasnt that great (it was good but not as good as my Panasonic DV Camcorder) , and the laser system was total pants so it went back, it was the same price as the QVC version at the time with discount codes & cashback from JVC

Heres a review on the QVC one
Thanks for that. I think I'll leave it for now and have a look round at some others. Too easy to get caught up in the QVC hype and promise of easy pay - again :rolleyes:

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