TJC Special Under £100 Weekend


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TJC Special Under £100 Weekend

<img src="/images/tjc160509.jpg" border="0" hspace="4" align="right" />By popular acclamation, The Jewellery Channel is once again airing outstanding bargain shows this Saturday and Sunday.<br /><br />On Saturday, almost every item in the day’s auction will be sold for £100 or less! <br /><br />Sunday’s show will feature TJC's latest collection of Brazilian and Colombian Emeralds specially chosen to suit your taste and style. The Colombian Emeralds show will begin from 10.00am items will include Rhapsody 950P Colombian Emerald and Diamond Ring and Iliana 18K Y Gold Brazilian Emerald and Diamond Pendant with chain 0.53Ct, However, after 12 mid-day, almost all items will once again be auctioned for £100 or less. <br /><br />Be part of these spectacular weekend shows and enjoy great bargains of affordable luxury! <br /><br />Tune in to Sky Channel 650 all day and on Freeview Channel 31 from 9am to 12pm everyday. TJC is also available on <a href=""></a> <!--StartSdNewsForum--><br /><br />

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