Three gorgeous tops


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J'adore Labrador
Jun 25, 2008
Which one will you buy? :33:



I like the first best but I think the second one is definately me. It'll hide a multitude of things.

Which one do you like Bexi?
I really can't decide which to go for, the first and the third top could be the RO label, the second one could have come from the Itsarap stable.LOL
The first two aren't too bad. Top no.1 isn't to my taste as I'm not a great lover of pastels, and it's a bit too formal and weddingy. Top no. 2 in all honesty before I lost my weight I would have jumped at...Like the colour, like the fact it's got long sleeves and would look ok with jeans, or with a skirt..then we come on to top no.3...I was getting worried Bexi, I thought you'd lost your eye for style and fashion! I am now reassured...This one is GORGEOUS!!!!!! Now do I wear it with me lime green hotpants or my floral gyspy skirt...the combinatons are endless!
S*d the credit crunch - I'll not eat for a month and get one of each! Now which colour flea flaps, fly flaps, flea flots do you think would match the best? As for no.3 it has to be the lime green hotpants Merryone, although it could have endless possiblities, lilac leggings perhaps? Or even some bright orange cycle shorts - oh this is so exciting isn't it!! Does anyone know where I put my meds by the way - I'm feeling rather odd at the moment!
No. 2's (pun intended) for me especially with the poo pants. Now where can I get those in a size 52?
They're sure to sell out if you ladies are typical of the fashion market. Better get my order for all 3 in, asap.
They're sure to sell out if you ladies are typical of the fashion market. Better get my order for all 3 in, asap.

Thats a girl Pixie - you know you want to! I can't wait for the ST virtual ball this year - my we are all going to look stunning!
I think the first one is lovely. I love pastel colours and I would wear it to a summer wedding.
Now all you fashion experts .......stop laughing coz I am serious.!

Mind you, I am now very self concious when I am wearing something that has been slagged off on here and I actually changed out of a pair of trousers at the weekend coz of the comments made on here about Kim &Co. which incedentally are very cool and comfortable to wear,.....and NO STATIC!!
Oh Teddy, you don't mean you actually listen to anything us lot of fashion queens say do you? You wear wot you like and with pride, it's all just a great big game. I blame Mrs James meself.

The first picture is me on me way to work, and the other is OH off to football.


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