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Jun 24, 2008
Church of Schumacher, recruiting again!
After all the aggro, my bling arrived on schedule. I hadn't bought for ages, Wibbly's recent piccies made me take a closer look at the website and I found lots of interesting silver rings. Got a fair few for a shufti, but most are going back for various reasons.


OK, these are the third and fourth morganite rings I've ordered. They're a vast improvement on the other two, but you know what, I'm still not convinced by this stone. I did nearly keep them as they're pretty designs, but I need to be ruthless as I've spent so much on bling recently.


I love the little rat I already have, and I was quite taken aback to find a fair few in silver going cheap. I whittled it down to these two for a look. Unfortunately, although it's a pretty design, I think octagon cutting zircon is a waste, it takes all the life out of it. Shame. The oval cut one is a lovely fiery stone. The design took a bit of thinking about though - the central part seems very art deco to me, but I was less sure about the enormous shoulders. However, I decided that I could live with them, so it's the keeper.


Oh my lord, what a fabulous iolite this is - just a stunning ring overall. Shame I didn't notice it was channel set! There's no way this will go down to my size, so reluctantly returning it. Grrrr. As for the kyanite, a pretty stone but not as pretty as the one I already have. And I really don't like the setting. So they both go home.


I opened this haul at the office, and I was certain I was keeping this ring. It's pretty and I like the stone, which is a new one to me. Then as I was putting it into my bling box, I parked it by my mint kunzite - and realised the two were practically twins!!! The stones are very similar, and the overall shape of the design is as well. I really don't need two rings that look the same, so this one sadly goes home. I'd still consider another amblygonite though.


Loving the rhodolite, it's a fab colour, like the design and the white sapphires do twinkle amazingly. I think they're the first white sapphire accents I've owned, should be used much more! The moonstone hasn't got much schiller or colour about it but the stones are very pretty, and again I like the design. A bargain price too, so it has stayed as well.

I'm sorry to say that between the charging problems and the lack of keepers, I think it will be a while before I'm back at Gems. And I'm sorry, but they need some new designers - a brief sojourn on RocksTV shows you how stones can be used in beautiful ways by a talented designer. Gems settings are getting very boring and samey.
Hey ho, wonder if I'll get three refunds to go with my triple charging...
What a shame Anne, but at least you've seen then for yourself, satisfied your curiosity, and now have all that refunded money to look forward to spending elsewhere.

oooh some amazing bling hun - my faves are the iolite and the oval ratankiri zircon. Am also loving that oval ring you have on your thumb!!

shame the other don't measure up for you, but everyone hits the point where they have to be pragmatic.
So pleased to hear you received your goodies from gems. I haven't watched gems for a long time. Love the keepers. You have a pm as well. Now bet you have spent your refunds on the other side already :32:
Shame after all that hassle, but there are plenty of other choices to be had so your refund won't need to burn a hole in your pocket!
I can see why you chose all those to look at, and can understand you reasons for the returns, but a real shame about the iolite.

I agree about white sapphires as accents - really, really good value for sparkle.

Have fun spending the refund (if you haven't done it already) :)

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