The Furminator-I was wrong and I admit it!!!!


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Jun 29, 2008
A few weeks ago in a thread I was discussing The Furminator with some other people on here and I was saying how terrifying it looked and that if I got for my 2 cats I would probably need new arms and legs or at least a plate of armour to use as a sheild while I brushed them with it.

Well.......................My lovely mum bought one for me to try(on my cats not on me you understand) and they just love it, it gets of so much fur I just cannot believe it, my long furred cat has never felt sooooooooo light in herself and is running about like a complete lunatic and her daughter who is short furred got loads of too and is currently having compete with her mother for the lunatic of the year award.

So to all those people who said it would work cause they have one, I say sorry for doubting your good word and....
I was wrong and I admit it.
I ordered one and returned it as my cat hated it. He enjoyed being combed but since I tried that on him he won't let me comb him now.
The Furminator is FANTASTIC on Mia, my long haird German Shepherd..!!!!
It is AMAZING how much 'downy' undercoat hair comes off her - she is gonna be sooo cool this summer!! :cool:
AND... it has given the local birds enough nesting material for years!!!
I used to use it on my old cat and he loved it to pieces. Used to make him lose the use of his legs as he rolled around the floor in exctasy! My two remaining felines have differing views on it: One is terrified of it and the other hates being brushed in any form, so mine's retired!
My cat had to get used to it and now loves it. I had been using a comb I got in Poundstretcher years ago which he loved but sadly I lost it.
ours love it ,a lovely forum member got me one from the outlet place .I wouldnt be without mine and they are quite addictive ,so be careful you dont have a fur free pussy cat.s and dogs.:O
Scruffy bunnies

I managed to bag a small furminator on ebay (BNIB) for a tenner to try and sort out our two rabbits. The furminator website says this is the right one to use on bunnies and there's no doubt that they need tidying up. If you see a mushroom cloud of white and light brown fur eminating from the south coast this weekend don't be alarmed!

'course I'll have to catch the little buggers first (love them dearly but they don't know what's good for them...ever!)

Has anyone tried the Furm on rabbits? Neville has buns and cats I remember.

Jude xx

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