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Dec 17, 2008
Have just flicked over to Gems and they're having a Tsavorite hour. How insensitive and nakedly opportunistic is that. I'm deeply shocked and disappointed. xxx
Not in the best of taste, certainly.... but only to be expected from a commercial operation. Look at all the re-releases etc etc hot on the heels of Michael Jackson's death and see the enormous amounts of income generated from that.
If Gems are having as many business troubles as have been speculated upon in these pages, then it is no surprise to me that they will seek to capitalise on this tragedy.
That seems very tasteless to me too. No doubt they'll describe it as a tribute hour but I think it's far too soon. :spider:

I've actually kept it on - finding myself drawn as to a nasty accident. Lucy is being horribly touched, sincere and quiet, one of the worst "performances" I've ever seen. Rocks TV have a minutes silence and Gems take just through this distasteful fiasco. Particularly lousy taste given the horrendous circumstances of the death of Mr Bridges in that excessively violent and terrifying manner. Roll up, roll up!
Hmmmm, well I won't be flicking over - I find their 'tribute' opportunistic and tasteless so soon after this dreadful event. :sad:
But they WILL make money from it though, no matter how tasteless it is because thousand of people wont be aware of what has happened (they may have the sound off like I do) or who he was or they just wont care so will buy they products
Money, money, money that's all they care about. It's a disgrace what they're doing - trying to profit out of such an horrific event. They might have had the decency to at least wait until the weekend or next week. As for that Lucy trying to make it better by her totally fake and insincere comments - words are cheap and they've proved by their actions that they're just a bunch of money grabbers. Next they'll be telling people to buy quickly as an investment because it may run out.

Absolutely disgusting!

I'M BACK!!!! :Angry3:
With all the various little VTs they have, how easy it would have been to put together a five minute film by way of tribute, and then just continue with business in the usual manner, rather than that nauseous performance. xxx
I'm also very pleased I missed this as it sounds as though it was in extremely bad taste. Mind you, I can't say I'm that amazed at Gems doing this and the reason I missed it was probably due to the presenter who was on anyway. Shame on them.

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