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Sep 13, 2008

A big thankyou to Percy, tjc's customer services manager.

I returned some items, only to have them returned back to me, (outside warranty period, sale items, though one of the items wasn't a sale item). As there was also alot of confusion on my part, slow deleveries and returns, (due to my location and Royal mail), Percy kindly looked into my problem and sorted it all out.

I am now looking forward to shopping again on tjc.

Thankyou again Percy.:1: - and gemcherub!
So glad this was sorted out for you Ally. TJC gets brownie points for good cs again :1:
Great news ally11 i'm so pleased its all sorted now, when i first had dealings with Percy he'd not long been with TJC but he restored my faith in the company hes a real asset to TJC.
Keep us updated with your next buys lol x
Will do gem!
I've had a look at the falling auction on the web. The lowest price seems to be at 9 seconds, but if you go to buy you're usually too late.?
Has anybody had any luck with buying this way,(obviously at the lowest possible price!)?

Maybe I'll stick to the telly. I wonder if there's going to be a pre-Christmas sale?:33:

A x
Hi ally,
Glad you got your problems sorted out, Percy is great and is very nice to deal with. I have bought from the falling auctions quite a few times trick is to buy at about 20 seconds asks you to confirm if you want to purchase and by this time price has usually gone to lowest price (it's worked for me a few times doing it this way) Hope this helps :1:
Welcome to the forum also.
Does anybody have Percy's email address?
He helped me too with an earring I'd lost and is great to talk to. Really nice fella is our Percy:)

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