tap dancing rolli polli's b&w show


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Aug 28, 2008
oh dear mr butler and wilson, having just been shown the tap dancing video by julia said it reminded him of the rolli polli girls :27:
I couldn't help giggling when he said that. Think he's probably the only one who could get away with that with Julia!
The Roly Polys were horrendously overweight- that's just unfair to the QVC presenters. Simon needs a saucer of milk!
it is the 1st time i have seen the tap dancing clip, thought they all looked great. something heart warming about seeing girls having fun and look glam.
To be fair Julia did say to Simon ,after he made that remark, that she may look like she should join the Roly Polys but she hoped he was not referring to her other two colleagues - Catherine and Claire as they certainly didnt,i liked the way she stuck up for them. Good show last night, looking forward to the coutour show on the 2 December. I think Julia did well receiving a good few B&W "sample" tops last night, i'm so envious as some of his tops are lovely IMO. Linda

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