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Jun 24, 2008
I was watching IW the other night, and the pick of the day was a triple A grade tanzanite ring, in a choice of 14 carat white or yellow gold. It looked fab, it had been reduced for the offer down to £129.99, and was split in to three easy pays. I'm not really a one for rings, but somehow this grabbed me, it looked so beautiful and I must admit I've always fancied a nice bit of tanzy..so I bunged it on my card. Delivery was guaranteed for Valentine's day, and it came today..so fantastic service there, mind you I did pay £7.95 p&p!

I excitedly opened the packet, to find the most dainty, tiny ring you've ever seen...the actual ring (the gold bit) is really really thin, the stones are really really small, and the colour, well they're a very pretty lilac colour, which one would immediately think was Amethyst. I popped it on my finger, and despite having quite long and slender fingers, the ring just got "lost" on there IYKWIM!
I can't ever see myself wearing it, so I go to the post office on the way to work and send it back. I know it's my own fault, as the dimensions are written on the website description, and the stones look much much paler than they did on the t.v, but as it was selling out very fast, I literally jumped to the phones...silly me!

I'm a bit peeved that I've wasted £8 on nothing, and that I'll have to return it at my own expense...hopefully that shouldn't cost too much..but I guess I'll have learned myself a lesson!
yes, I read that on the instructions...hope it won't be too costly...but I can't justify spending £100+ on something I'll never wear. Like I say, I'm not a great jewellery wearer, but I would have made an exception for a stunning piece like I hoped that was going to be. I'd have never bought it if I'd just seen the piccie on the website, but seeing it blown up a million times for the presentation....it really looked like a "deal", they even managed to make it look substantial on Denniece's finger....God, if they'd shown it being worn in "real time"....well you wouldn't have noticed it tbh, but if you did...I doubt if they'd have many takers. It's all very well saying it's 14k gold, but if that bit of gold's like a bit of wire, I'd rather have a more substantial band of 9k..at least it's visible!
I did see the ring Merry, (not that I'd buy from IW), but thought it was expensive for what it was. AAA Tanzanite should be a fairly deep colour, and nothing like amethyst at all.

How disappointing, not to mention the waste of P+P both ways.

I am sorry that this turned out to be so disappointing and expensive. How do they manage to make them look substantial on the screen? Like you I prefer a more substantial band and I have had a few similar disappointments with QVC, though some of their rings have been beautiful. I have not bought a gold ring from IW and I don't think I ever would.
Apart from the ridiculously small size of the actual ring..like I said I have slender fingers, and the stones didn't even bridge my whole finger despite it being a three stone ring with diamond accents, the colour did surprise me..on the screen it looked a delicious dark blue colour, these were without a doubt, lilac!
The whole exercise has cost me about £12.50, I'm looking at it as the equivalent to a round of drinks, and if I forgo a night out in the next couple of weeks, I'll be ok!!!

I know I was silly, and I know that they have to "blow up" the sizes to make them look good on the tv...but I do wish they could have emphasised the fact that this is a "dainty" piece in real life. I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the box. Simply stunning was one of the words they used to describe it...that couldn't be further from the truth. In reality it looked as though it was worth about £25...Ok, I wouldn't expect to pay £25 for Tanzanite, but then I wouldn't have even forked out that much on any ring that was so minute in every detail...anyway folks, lesson learned..shan't be doing it again in a hurry!
Awwww what a shame :(

I don't watch many jewellery shows but when I have seen IW, they don't seem to use models in the same way QVC does, so it's hard to get an idea of what the ring will look like on, especially when you see a male presenter playing around with the jewellery! It's not very professional.
Awwww what a shame :(

I don't watch many jewellery shows but when I have seen IW, they don't seem to use models in the same way QVC does, so it's hard to get an idea of what the ring will look like on, especially when you see a male presenter playing around with the jewellery! It's not very professional.

That sad face..well that's the colour of the stones lol! Actually they were lighter than that!
That's such a shame Merryone. The one thing I used to be able to say about IW was that you got jewellery exactly as it looked on the screen and I was pleased with almost everything I bought. Now I honestly can't see how they can describe some of the tiny Tanzanite stones as AAA and looking at the rings on the screen and reading the carat weights, I know they would disappear even on my tiny fingers, so how can they look so good on screen? :confused:

You only have to look at their full Tanzanite1 range and see the colour of the more substantial carat weights of AAA Tanzanite and compare it to the smaller pieces to see the colour is nothing like it should be on the smaller pieces that are described as AAA. Sorry you are out of pocket, sending things that are a disappointment back, but you're not the first and sadly you won't be the last.
I know I should have read the blurb on the website, but it looked so stunning on screen, and the size I wanted was selling out fast that I didn't think to check. I guess it's all about lighting and background, 'cause those stones did look a lovely dark blue colour. I've bought a few disappointing pieces from shopping channels before, but none so much as this. I don't know who I'm more cross with them for making this poxy little ring look so desirable, or me for falling for the hype! Can't wait to get the dosh back on my card, I've seen some Jack La Lanne juicers going cheap. I think with fine jewellery though, it is probably better to see it in the flesh before you buy! Wouldn't have been so bad if the postage and packing was cheaper, but it was delivered in two days!
I've bought lots of costume jewellery and have rarely been disappointed with it!

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