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Jun 24, 2008
Watched some of the tanzanite clearance hour last night. Couldn't believe the prices and they were supposed to be clearance. I know I haven't watched Gems much over the last year, but I've really been left behind on this one. Makes me realise just what a bargain my ring from Rocksandco was!
I suspect a lot of Rocks & Co's prices are loss leaders Jacqualina, and may not necessarily last, so best take advantage while you can!!

I think you must be right M4G, so that goes for everyone, snap it up whilst you can. I can also vouch for the quality as my ring has a gorgeous stone.
Jacqualina, your ring was the bargain of the year and I'm sure Mad's right that they are loss leaders, which is why I've gone to extraordinary lengths to try and get the one I want from R&C.

To be fair to Gemstv, they did have an 11+ carat pendant on for just over £2000, which IMO is a good price and a little less than I paid for my 10 carat one when they were going cheaper - although I only saw it on the web as I was watching Silent Witness so I don't know how good it was in the flesh and it looked a bit pale and windowed IIRC on the vid :blush:

IW have a Tanzanite 1, 4 day deal coming up and although their AAA earrings seem a not too bad price (possibly their own loss leader), compare like for like carat weight rings on there and check out what they are charging for them :gasp: I have bought from IW in the past and been delighted with their quality, but cannot justify paying those prices for small stones :sorry:
Talking about the price of Tanzanite - I was channel hopping this morning when I came upon QVC selling AAA Tanzanite. I can tell you I nearly choked on my cornflakes - talk about extortionate!! I can't believe people actually pay their prices - it's beyond me!

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