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Just seen a Beau Bronz Tan Extender on the review on the internet as I am on my lunch hour at work, so can check the internet, but not play any clips, or view the presentation. Can anyone tell me what a Tan extender is? I am sort of wondering if the exfoliator is not meant to do the same job especially if you then follow it with a body lotion, and a self tan bodylotion is surely the same thing? Is that what it is? :thinking2:
i use the Zhuzh tan lock & saver, which i'm pleased with & will re-order when i run out (it lasts for ages). i presume it helps prolong your tan as it's so moisturing, think it's got shea butter in it.

the one on QVC, & others, with a 'hint' of self tan - that's really just a bit of a cheat isn't it? ok, it's good for the skin but you are still adding colour.

providing you exfoliate gently, which you should anyway, then moisturise regularly - i think that's the best way to keep any colour disappearing down the plug-hole!
A tan extender is just a body lotion with a tiny bit of DHA ( the stuff thay use in fake tans ) in it - I use one after my spray tans just to stop it going patchy .

They are a bit similar to those everyday lotions that dove & johnsons do I think


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