Suzi B...any good?


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Jun 18, 2009
Through the Looking Glass
I have never watched this range of fashion jewellery before and some of the pieces do look rather pretty. So if you have tried it let me know if it is good quality and worth the price. 'California casual' or California crap?
I have been buying Suzi's stuff or many years, so you can probably guess I love it. I have never had any problems with quality etc and have a number of pieces that often draw compliments.
not great. i actually saw an identical suzi b necklace sold in Debh under a different brand, last year. my immediate thought: 'are they buying from the same chinese supplier?'.....

....but prices are not bad. QVC also flogs similar quality at 3-4 times the Sb prices.
I'm the opposite !, I have tried some pieces which looked lovely on screen but when I got them seemed cheap and nasty !and so I returned them. I suppose it depends on the item.
:wait2:My basket has the silver watch sitting in it should I ?:angel:

I have bought the odd piece in the past but find it tarnishes after a while.

You just need to remember it is silver plated and not silver !
I ordered a set of three bracelets a few years ago -thought they were gorgeous and popped one on... only a couple of hours later my wrist was suddenly incredibly itchy... looked and it was going green! :eek: So sent them straight back and thanked the lord it hadn't been an earing and bracelet set...
My shopping basket emptied it's self of my watch think I may well have done the right thing.

I've also got quite a few SuzieB pieces and they are beautiful and fit so well and I get lots of compliments when I wear them. I keep them in PreZerve organisers and they are just as shiny and sparkly as when I got them. They are really nice quality with good quality crystals. I love the range.

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