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Jun 30, 2008
Has anybody used Sundepil, I saw it on IW first but thought the price they were asking was mad (19.99 and 4.95 p&p) I came across it in my local pound shop for yes you guessed it a pound :giggle: I bought it weeks ago but just got around to using it today and I'm well impressed, it takes off hairs and dry skin. I'm glad I used it in the garden because the amount of dry skin on my legs it looked like it was snowing. I used it on my big hairy toes and they're smooth as a babys bum now. So ladies get your arses down to your poundland and you too can have lovely hairfree, dry skin free pins just like me :devil:
You could get a similar, though messier, result with a cheese grater, and I've already got one of those, so I could save a pound. Bargain!
Sundepil !

I have used it,the one thing I will say is ... it cuts out the need to exfoliate, as you have very little skin left. LOL

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