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Jun 24, 2008
I am a masochist! Well I must be because I just sat through an extremely painful experience - Kay Little trying like hell to sell an awful looking Colombian Emerald for what seemed like a lifetime! Hubby had to go and shave twice during the time it took her!

I don't know about anyone else but I thought it looked weird! It was very dull and only what I could describe as a strange colour of green. Obviously filled to the gunnels too. They claim some poor soul paid £1599 for it eventually but I have my doubts.

Also saw another strange one - a "White Cuprian Tourmaline". Did a search on the internet and can't find any mention of "white" Cuprian Tourmaline anywhere. Seems a contradiction in terms - I thought the Cuprian name came from the fact it has a copper content which gives it the blue/green colour? What a window it had too!

Then there was the strange shade of Swiss Blue Topaz. Would you pay £249 for what looks like a Blue Quartz with yet another massive window?

I did get a wee laugh though - a Kunzite ring. They turned the lights down to show the "glow" and guess what? You could still see the flipping great glaring window!

Why or why do I bother?

ps Has anyone seen the attrocious looking Brazilian Emerald pieces they're selling now? Some even say AAA - must stand for Awful, Awful, Awful!!


  • Colombian Emerald Ring.jpg
    Colombian Emerald Ring.jpg
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  • White Cuprian Tourmaline 2.jpg
    White Cuprian Tourmaline 2.jpg
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  • Sky Blue Topaz 1.jpg
    Sky Blue Topaz 1.jpg
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  • Brazilian Emerald 2.jpg
    Brazilian Emerald 2.jpg
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And what's really glaring from your pictures, Klos, is the huge difference between the real thing on the TV and the photoshopped pictures. Atrocious.
Just realised that I didn't post the pic of the Kunzite in the dark! Here it is now - check out the window you can still see with the lights out!! :giggle:


  • Kunzite in dimmed light.jpg
    Kunzite in dimmed light.jpg
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Dear gawd, If i wanted windows i'd go to flippin Everest (double glazing firm not the mountain) to get them!!

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