The Gem Hunter Launches A Brazilian Beauty


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<img src="/images/Tony.jpg" border="0" hspace="4" vspace="3" align="right" />The Gem Hunter extraordinaire, Tony Diniz, will be appearing on Rocks & Co. this weekend from midday Friday to Sunday. After scouring the four corners of the globe, the Gem Hunter returns to London with exquisite gemstone jewellery not to be missed. A key highlight is his launch of Brazilian Neon Blue Apatite jewellery 5pm Friday.<br /><br />While discoveries of neon coloured Apatite in Madagascar in the mid nineties have propelled the popularity of this gem, Brazil has long been a source of gorgeous yellow, green and very occasionally, Neon Blue Apatite. Hailing from Água Branca in the Brazilian state of Bahia in the country’s northeast, Brazilian Apatite has been somewhat overshadowed by its Madagascan cousins in recent years. Neon Blue Apatite with such excellent colour saturation is uncommon and highly collectable. Apatite’s name comes from the Greek ‘apatao’, which means ‘to deceive’. Looking at Neon Blue Apatite, this is certainly apt; its vivid neon blues are wonderfully reminiscent of the hugely popular Paraíba Tourmaline. Its mainstream popularity as a jewellery gemstone has undoubtedly been helped by Paraíba comparisons, but thankfully, Neon Blue Apatite is increasingly appreciated as its own gem by savvy connoisseurs.<br /><br />Tony’s other highlights include; ‘The One’ collection hours 1pm Friday and 9pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday; Colour Change Sapphire jewellery midday Friday; Amazon Quartz jewellery 4pm Friday; Pink Cuprian Tourmaline jewellery 8pm Saturday; and an under £500 Paraíba Tourmaline and Shimoyo Rubellite jewellery special midday Sunday. There will be more surprises so make sure you’re watching the Gem Hunter as he gives you accurate and fascinating insights into the background of each gemstone.<br /><br />With over 12 years international experience sourcing gemstones, Brazilian Tony Diniz has many achievements under his belt. He was one of the first people involved with Mozambique Paraíba Tourmaline; he found significant quantities of some of the world’s finest Kunzite while on adventures in Afghanistan’s Kunar Valley; and was the first to present Blue Fire Opal to the world, right here on Rocks & Co.<br /><br />Whether you are new to jewellery or an experienced connoisseur, take advantage of the Gem Hunter’s unrivalled knowledge and expertise this weekend on Sky channel 642 (8am - 2am), Freeview channel 49 (8am - 12am) and online at <a href=""></a>. Do you have a question for Tony? Either text him on 82222 (just put STUDIO followed by your question) or email <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>. <br /><br />
Ooooo any chance of it being THIS Brazilian Beauty??


Phoar! We can but hope, eh?
Funny, isn't it...... we are told that Brazilian women are the most beautiful in the world..... so you'd think that Brazilian blokes wouldn't be too far behind that... and what do we get? Tony and Tenner....... dear oh dear!

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