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Nov 13, 2008

Yet again in 2 days, the CS girl is trying to flog me some subscription! Told her that I'd just said 'No' to this 2 days ago - 'Oh that was for the Entertainment Package....this is the Home & Garden Package'. I swear it was just like Fonejacker! :cheeky:

They keep telling me on screen to enter in my PIN to avoid callbacks...but when I do that, nothing happens. I even said this to the CS girl last time, but according to her it why are you ringing me now if it does?

Is there meant to be some sort of voice prompt to enter the PIN? I never hear one...I'm fed up of the 'great offerings we are havings on your accountings with bidtv-ings'

Let me know how the PIN works somebody - pleeeeeeease!:hi:

Before I moved I was always able to use my PIN, but since moving and despite their taking my new number I can no longer use the 'No Call back' option so have to sit around waiting for them to ring me back. They must have my phone number on record though because my name always scrolls along the bottom of the screen when I've bought something, but if they want to spend their money phoning me back then that's fine with me.

And I've also had several "as you've ordered from BidTv we are offering you an exclusive offer..........." ........ the last one being for a pamper day and photo session. For the umpteenth time I declined - politely. ;)

One good thing about their phone calls though was that last year they rang me up and informed me that as I'd ordered some moisturiser I'd been entered into a gardening competition (I'm not sure what that's got to do with beauty products, but there you go ;)) and that I'd won first prize. So three days later I had loads of boxes delivered and was delighted with all the items they'd sent.
Still can't use No Callback

Just an update - I am still unable to use No Callback and this time after receiving no reply from CS via the website, decided to tackle the Advisor who called back...mind you, it turned out to be a load of old tosh.:angry:

When I asked why I was receiving a callback despite entering my PIN I was told that 'someone else must have your telephone number Ma'am on their account" -, I have had this number for 23 years and I was the first to have it....:tongue:

"Oh, in that case Ma'am it must be the card details on your account" - Would that be the card details you obviously have logged against my account as you've just verified the last 4 numbers and PIN only?:angel:

"You will have to speak to CS Ma'am" What? At National Rates? Don't think so...

How about this, Sit Up Channels? I'll not hang around waiting on your callback and let you waste MY time, but let you do all the running as you run up astronomical bills from India in an attempt to contact me and in doing so waste an inordinate amount of manpower in the effort?:cheeky:

I also decided to contact them, after being told for the umpteenth time by the person who rang me to confirm my order that I could/should use 'call back.'

Luckily the contract I have with the phone company means that national numbers are free so I rang customer services and spoke to them. I was told that I could use my PIN number if I dialled 1470 before dialling the Sit Up number because then my number would be recognised. I pointed out several times that it was recognised as my name scrolls across the screen and they must have my number on record because they ring me back. We went round in circles for about 20 minutes, with me being put on hold several times while he asked for advice. In the end I got bored with repeating myself and thanked him for his help and said I didn't mind their ringing me back because it wouldn't be me getting their phone bill ...... (hopefully)

They've got a novel gimmick though ............ on a few occasions they've rung me back and then hung up (but at least I'm not paying for that!) And I'm certainly not risking the 1470 + their number option because knowing my luck I'd get a direct line to Delhi.

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