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Jun 24, 2008
Anyone noticed she was not wearing a wedding ring on her recent show ? I wonder if her and her hubby are going through a bad time ?
Hubby's probably sick of her never spending any time at home lately......well we're sick of that too..ANYONE LISTENING ?
She's no doubt had his ultimatum; ''It's either ME or the bollockin' choose''
:bow: Choose HIM Steph pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssssssssse.
Saw that ridiculous performance yesterday where she started the craft show acting like a wee kid all excited and clapping her hands at the idea of doing demos because she was on her own then gabbling on till she said near the end that she didn't have enough time to do them. Honestly, does she think we all came down in the last shower?? I was really looking forward to her proving that's she's the Queen of craft they all rave about, but no. I remember a thread in the old forum which discussed how necessary or not she was, and yesterday reminded me about why I don't believe she's at all useful. I hate the way she's destroyed the craft side of things on IW - I used to look forward to the hour a day aproach with lots of variety and different guests, but my Lord, greed has taken over. The sad thing is they don't see what is happening with an increasingly disilusioned audience.

Great post Chess, totally agree.

I know she has totally ruined my love and intrest in crafting!

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