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Jun 24, 2008
I am watching Rocks & Co, purely because John is on, and I've just seen this:-

I thought it was familiar as I got one in my Christmas Goodie bag from hubby. I looked out my receipt and got the item number of mine:-

So what? I hear you ask!! Well, mine is a bigger carat weight at 3.05 carats as opposed to the one today which is 2.88 carats although mine has slightly less gold at 2.76g compared with 2.96g.

The difference? Well todays sold for £119. Hubby paid a massive £79 for mine!! An increase of almost 50% - now that's what you call inflation!!

Oh and the pic of today's one appears to have had a better Photoshop job!
Interesting isn't it, Klosblue...with deflation and reduction in VAT almost everything has come down in price but, apparently, not in the jewellery/gems TV shopping outlets. Makes me wonder how high prices will be in the next few months if they continue at this rate :confused:.
That's a very pretty ring Klos. I bet hubby is happy he bought it when the prices were good.

I suppose only when people stop buying, will we see any change in their pricing structure. We're not being offered any discounts or any incentives to buy unlike GemsTV, so I guess they must be doing ok at the moment. Time will tell ...
And the price has just gone up! It's just been on and sold for £127. I don't understand how the same/similar item can sell for different prices on the same day.


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OK now I'm completely confused!!

This just sold for the same price as mine - £79 and it's a higher carat weight and gold weight than both mine and the one that went for £119 and then £127!!

It's as if someone's read this thread isn't it!

I saw that last night too and thought of this thread, but I was too tired to post. :blush:

I thought some of the the prices for the short time I watched around that time were very reasonable too, shame they were not the gems or styles I like enough to buy though................. :hump:

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