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Jun 24, 2008
Jeremy Kyle was a bit boring this morning so I was channel hopping and landed on Rocks & Co.

Well, when the title said "How low can we go?" a few things came to mind but I assumed they meant on their prices. I watched in disbelief when I quickly realised they didn't mean their prices, they mean they gold weight!

A few examples:-
First their "Rockstar" - £99 I think it was for a massive 1.39g of gold!!
http://www.rocksandco.com/index.php?task=jewelleryItemDisplay&action=display&sku=902 971

This one was really a joke - 1.6g of gold and they were asking £142!!
http://www.rocksandco.com/index.php?task=jewelleryItemDisplay&action=display&sku=652 094

Now, this one is definitely a serious contender for Lightweight Champion of the UK!! 1.12g yes I did say 1.12g of gold!! £61 he he!!
http://www.rocksandco.com/index.php?task=jewelleryItemDisplay&action=display&sku=222 421

And finally, Caroline Lindsay had the nerve to say this could be an engagement ring!! The worst emerald I've ever seen in my life! They obviously missed the decimal point in this as instead of £57 they should have been asking £5.70 and even then they'd struggle! If any man bought that as an engagement ring then the woman should stuff it where the sun don't shine!
Picture below - note the difference between the fake photoshop image and the actual ring!
http://www.rocksandco.com/index.php?task=jewelleryItemDisplay&action=display&sku=691 027

This channel are are total farce!


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R&C sold a pendant last week with a weight of .62gm 9k.
I think this is the lowest weight I have ever seen.
In comparison, TJC are selling a 9k gold .92 grams pendant with 33ct of Fire Opal
The price £9.99 The colour of the opal nice and if you like marquise setting, this will a lovely little pendant.
The main thing is that it's .30 gm heavier for £9.99


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I don't know Graham They don't need to be according to the British Hallmarking Council so I don't expect they will be. However it's a bit misleading because they say it's illegal for any trader to describe a precious metal article as gold, silver or platinum unless it's hallmarked but then they go on to say anything below a certain weight is exempt from hallmarking!

See the last paragraph on Page 2:-http://www.britishhallmarkingcouncil.gov.uk/publications/hallmarks2.pdf
Hi Graham

See below. its over 1gm, (from an article on the web)

What is the minimum weight for hallmarking?
It varies according the precious metal(s) used in the piece and is based on the weight of all metal (precious or otherwise) in it: silver over 7.78g, gold over 1g and platinum over 0.5g.


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