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Jun 24, 2008
Correct me if I'm wrong but I have always been under the impression that an "Outlet" sells items cheaper/discounted?

So why is it then that this pendant:- http://www.rocksandco.com/Jewellery/ProductDetail.aspx?SKU=624%20012
Has just sold in the Rocks "Outlet" for £109 when my hubby bought it for me and paid £79???? Yes £30 LESS than the "Outlet" price!!!

Oh Rocks why do you continue to alienate people? Don't you want our business? Ever heard of Ethics and Trust?
KB - I'm going daft I'm sure you said your hubby paid £30 less! Seriously what a bliddy shambles.

Oh yes and I can't access the 'outlet' either atm - wonder if they have just read your post!
Debsie I thought I was hallucinating! Fortunately we keep all the Jewellery receipts etc in the same place so as soon as I saw it I wrote the Item Code down and searched for the receipt. It is the same Item, same code, same carat weight and I have the receipt proving mine was £30 cheaper!

Not sure if it would be ASA or Trading Standards but I'm sure one of them would be interested to hear how the viewers are being deceived into thinking they are getting items cheaper in these so called "outlets"!!
Oh for goodness sake. Why do they get it wrong every time?

C'mon Rocks - your audience/customers aren't stupid. An outlet should be where you sell items at less than they've ever sold for. Otherwise you're wasting (presumably) good air time.

It's a bit like some of the other channels when they've had a "sale" and things sell for higher than normal. It results in awful publicity.

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