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£1 megadrop

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Jun 24, 2008
Ha I had to laugh this morning when i looked in the clearance section of the bid tv website to see everything at the very lowest drop price that item can go to. Having then checked the ended items to see about 30 items at £1 it was clear to see that the hi tech online price-dropping system had crahsed completely and sent everything for today down to the locking price.

I was dissapointed i didnt check earlier though I wanted the footstool. How annoying every day I put bids on but due to the letter I recieved last week wanting £1300 i have not been web bidding.

Oh well I just hope they honour everyones £1 purchases.

£1 for the silver footstool, diamonesque ring, handbags, memory card etc.

And non £1 items included the enviro wash balls for less than £6,

I have also just seen speed auctions website too has taken everything down to the very lowest price but price-drop is still fine.

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