Smashbox Kit Think We'll Get It?


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but if it's the MASSIVE kit then I doubt it.
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In fairness it's been sold as a pro kit but I can't see people over here forking out £700 or more for it! We never get anything interesting that's been on the US site anyway!

Wonder if they'll have any of the Holiday 2009 stuff, it's LUSH!
OMG! I just nearly fell off my chair!!!!! In the interests of research on the global economic crisis and current exchange rates (yeah right!) it'd work out at £603. Probably a bargain given the amount I usually spend on make-up in the average year at QVC.
OMG that is fabulous but even if we got it it would be a "considered" purchase (that means I would consider it then decide I couldn't afford it!):LOL
Imagine the scrabble for a freebie by the presenters if we did get this amazing kit here. That would make good tv to see them slugging it out and shamelessly begging.
I hope we don't get it, can you imagine how many broken marriages and instances of bankrupcy would such an item cause? Even on easy pay!
Do you think they could sell this one with the "perfect for the school run" line?

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