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The trouble is what comes out of her greasy capon of a gob is as about as worth hearing as a Chihuahua with chronic flatulence. Super This..Super That…With her fixed grin and machine gun mouth, you don’t know which to annoy you more. She rattles on with her oleaginous, dreadful simpering repetitive patter without taking apparent breath. Old rubber head has to listen to it both on and off-air - poor sod.

On a more serious note: I don’t like a lot of her selling techniques either. Panic inducing and general scaremongering to me.
Good grief, flicking thro the channels this morning and Hayley was presenting, she does not stop for breath but rattles on and on and on, slow down woman and only talk when you have something relevant to say about what you are selling.
Nothing changes over the years then, I see.

If only they would drop the over-exaggeration on how wonderful every item is.
The use of 'amazing', 'fantastic' and 'incredible' within the first 2 sentences of any item which Hayley, in particular, introduces is frankly absurd.

The few times I have switched over to them and dared her to say those words, I won each time.

You'd be drunk very quickly, taking a drink each time you hear those words in a drinking game!

I posted last year on ShopExtra forum how Hayley seems to go into random talking mode, eyes open/blank staring at camera and stream of consciousness talking in generalities about how wonderful any item or offer is, on being cued-in by gallery.

Now just more of the same over on ShoponTV (and see SoTV forum thread also).
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