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Jun 25, 2008
Lancashire lassie
Hello knowledgable blingsters:D

With this 15% discount malarky I have been trawling the web games(tv games too inflated for it to be worth 'owt!!!) and have found the following rubellite pendant


Now to me it seems pretty good value at £43 for over 2 cts and with the discount comes in at £36.55.......I am assuming that it is probably an older stock item as the web photo is less photoshopped than the other rubellite pieces.It is Nigerian in origin rather than Madagascar which a lot of their rubellite comes from,which is better....anyone know?

What do you reckon then........does it look ok to you?
Would really appreciate your thoughts,ladies:)

I also have some discount voucher thingies to use up as well which would make it a bit cheaper still!!!!
Hi Sweetpea, I personally think it is a good price for what you are getting, lovely deep red shade of rubellite and if the link/video is correct it doesn't seem to have any inclusions and looks classic in design, compared to tv prices at the moment think this is a bargain price, think you are right I think it is an older stock product also - it seems that web games are where you can get the odd bargain from
It looks lovely on the video there Lancy:) Might be worth bringing home for a closer look! Hope its a goodie if you decide to send for it :) x
I like the colour of the Nigerian tourmaline best, at that price with your discount and voucher it's an offer not to be missed...lucky you!
I hope you don't mind if I'm honest? It's waaayyyyyy too dark. It's not a "proper" Rubellite colour - hence the price tag. The value is seriously affected by the colour.

Having said that, if you prefer the darker gems then it's definitely worth looking at at that price. If you're checking out other stuff then I'd throw it in for a look.

The only other thing I would add is that you need to watch out for it turning brown/black in incandescent light. If it does, then again, value will be affected. A good Rubellite that doesn't turn brown is much more difficult to find than you might imagine.

In answer to your question, which location is "best" - there's not an answer. Each of the locations have produced outstanding/crap items. You need to judge each gemstone on its beauty.

p.s. Sorry forgot to say - that setting is making the stone look darker too.
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I've liked it enough to have it in my basket in the past ;) and although it looks very dark for Rubellite, I like the colour for it's own sake whatever they call it.

I do fear that as it's been on the web for so long though, that it may be a serial returner and possibly not the colour it looks on the web. For that reason, I was never prepared to buy it alone although I would have considered adding it to an existing order but sadly it always vanished when I had to checkout a basket :shrug:.

The only reason I never persevered and got it home, was that I know I'll never wear it. I so seldom change pendants that I've already got too many and should flog a few TBH.

I'd love to see a pic of it IRL if you do get it and I hope it's all you hope it to be.

In the end it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, if you love it get it!
I love the simple setting, but the stone reminds me of a garnet - it must be worth a look though at that price.
It's a great size at a great price sweetpea. It is on the dark side but I have a Rubellite ring that is similar in colour and I still love it because it has such great clarity and lots of sparkle. I'd get it home for a look. You may even find one or two more bits and bobs to add to your basket to take advantage of the 15% discount! :winksmilie:
Thanks everyone for your's really appreciated :)

Jacqualina,it does look a bit like rhodolite garnet now I come to think of it and as I have a lovely Rhodolite ring maybe it is still worth getting as I do not have anything to go with it.

It is in my basket anyways,there must be more than one as there is still another available on the web games,I'll mull it over some more and decide by the end of the day but I think i'm erring on the side of giving it a look:D
Hi Sweepie,

You probably know already but, just in case, it's the last 15% day today.


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