was this a bargain?


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Sep 24, 2008
I seldom post but do read the forums, I just wanted to share an item with you which I bought in Gems web games, I was amazed that i only paid £67 (i bought rather than bid which was starting £62...incase i was outbid.

Also i used a voucher 15percent payday thingy...so paid about £59

am i missing something?.. or have i really managed a bargain here? i know white gold is usually cheaper than yellow.

this is 14k white gold, the opals are really gorgeous, i wear this every day, I have not seen the item in any games sincie i bought about 3weeks ago.


Yup, you got a bargain!

Ooohhh...you lucky lady! 6g of 14ct gold for scrap alone is worth over £60. As for the Mintabe opals, well...they are just so lovely. I am so happy for you to have found this bargain, good work suzyglam :).
thanks, I am reassured, sometimes you think to urself.. have i missed something? lol.. i love mintabies, i hope to get a nice mintabie ring one day, just waiting to find the right one..
Well done you, looks like a bargain to me! And I love it, very "me"!
Enjoy wearing it and be smug!!!
Oh, and in my experience white gold tends to be MORE expensive than yellow, not less. I should know, I don't wear yellow and find it very annoying!
hi, thanks pearlyqueen,

I have tended to find things like pendants in white gold seem to be cheaper on gems, or maybe its just me thinking they are..

There is an almost if not exact same of my pendant on the site in 9k WG http://www.gemstv.co.uk/shop-detail.jsp?product=UQJ7590&category=preweb&colourScheme=2

Oddly its more than mine cost and slightly lower weight, unless the opals are better than mine or something (cant imagine so).., i have checked my hallmark incase theyd listed mine as 14k by mistake but it does say 14k and so does the promise card, so im VERY happy, thanks for your reply.

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