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If it sparkles - grab it
Jun 27, 2008
I'm sure I'm not the only person to have added a pricey item to my basket after imbibing a glass or two of wine... I'd already made up my mind to send it back before I received it. Until, that is, I opened the box - that ring is staying right where it is, on my finger!

The next day (when sober), I bought a couple of (also pricey) items I that I had requested and was sure I wanted. Don't like them nearly as much. Going back.

Moral: Don't shop while sober.
It's the only way to buy. The surprise when the van calls with a mountain bike is a thrill lol
Rocks after a few is bad, but at least you can return unwanted items. Ebay and wine is much worse as some sellers have 'no return' policies and I've ended up with some absolute carp after a Friday night Shiraz (or two ;))
The problem is when you buy a house like that :17:

So let's see it! Which one did you see through beer goggle eyes then?
Very pretty ring, Miss Magpie.... I didn't see it ...... curse... spit..... mump!!!:32:
Wear it in good health! :41:
LOL Mm what a fab moral....maybe i'll try that this weekend as my last haul was dissapointing most of its going back
Lovely ring Miss M. You're obviously a pink person too. So, have you received your pink sapphire and purple diamond ring yet? That one looked beautiful in the photograph. Hope it's as nice irl.

Drinking and buying seems to be a winning combination for you. I'd keep it up!

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