Sh*ttylink Surpass Themselves!!


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Jun 24, 2008
You may or may not have read my previous exploits with the wonderful Sh*ttylink but this time they have surpassed themselves
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They attempted a delivery on Wednesday and nobody was in so they took it back to the depot and left a card saying they would deliver yesterday

Knowing nobody would be in again, we left a note on the door asking that the package be left with any neighbour. Guess what?!! They didn't even try a neighbour but just put another card through the door saying it had been taken back to the depot - AGAIN!!
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This was for an order that my husband placed by phone so he wasn't asked if he would like it delivered elsewhere or left somewhere. So, he decided that he would go and collect the parcel from the depot today. Off he went and after spending ages trying to find the place he finally arrived there only to be's back out on the van again!!

So, after a 30 mile round trip, my extremely unhappy hubby suddenly realised that the note we left was still on the door

Great he thought - surely they'll leave it with a neighbour this time at their 3rd attempt to deliver.

On no they didn't!! The bloomin' idiots took it back to the depot yet again

What makes this whole carry on much worse is that he won't tell me what he's ordered so now I have to wait and see if the plonkers try to deliver again on Monday

The good thing is that I'm on holiday now so I'll be here on Monday and I'll be waiting
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Mr Sh*ttylink Man you better beware - you won't like me when I'm angry and believe me I AM ANGRY!!
Oh dear! Eeeeek!

Two things .......... (1) how many times does Citylink attempt delivery before they send it back to Gems? I've got a horrible feeling it might be 3. If I were you, I'd check that quick. (2) my local CL depot is open on a Saturday morning so if your OH feels like another round trip it might be the safest option.

Hope you get it safely hun.
Oh no KB I know how I'd feel!!! Here's hoping you get the elusive delivery on Monday....& then give the CL man a big flea in his ear!!
Time to have a word with your local depot Klos and find out what their policy is. When you order online you have the option of giving a neighbour's number, for phone orders I wouldn't know if you're given this option as I've never ordered by phone. :eek: The neighbour's number always appears on the bag.

Sorry this hasn't come out right, I'm sure you know what you're doing but sometimes the system doesn't!

Give them a call and see if it's still at the depot. Good luck with it, I think you must have a real divvy of a driver on your round. :mad:
Simply not good enough from CL. Phone the depot and give them hell Klos hun! I hope you get your goodies pronto.
I'm so lucky to have a brilliant CL man who knows me, my old address and my alternative delivery address which is 4 miles away! Sorry to hear that yours is totally lacking in common sense.

My local depot does only try to deliver twice before returning items though, so you'd better call them & then they'll keep it for you.

The suspense must be AWFUL it's bad enough waiting for something when you KNOW what it is.....................:eek:
What a fiasco! Maybe it's a good job Gems are changing couriers - at least in your area! Hope that when it finally arrives, you'll love what's inside the package. Awwww, what a lovely hubby you have though to buy you a surprise gift.
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What a palaver, we must be lucky because our CityLink man is really good and always leaves it with my alternate if I'm out. Hope you get your goodies and are thrilled with them Klos.
Agreed it's most likely this particular driver who's a knob i get quite a few things delivered by Citylink and they have been pretty good on the whole.
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Oooh how anoying,sorry to hear that. I hate missing a parcel!
Have to say all My City Link deliveries have been great.
I order from Gems by phone and when they confirm my address if I want it delivered to an alternative address (usualy my work,) I just ask and they take the details and I've never had a poroblem. They must have both addresses registered now, as they now usualy say would you like this to go to your home or work address. You can also alter the day if you want to. I had a delivery due on a Wednesday and asked them to deliver on the Friday instead as I knew I would be home.
I had the same problem on thurs hun and they are not very pleasant when you call them either, finally got it friday after calling GemsTV and citylink :D
Not yet Sammi. OH won't let me deal with it as he doesn't want me to find out what he's ordered! It's something for our Anniversary on 7th July.

Knowing how quickly he usually deals with things I'll be lucky if I get it for our Golden Wedding Anniversary in 24 years time!!

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