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Geminipearl and welcome to the forum.

What a great selection of watches and all very different too. Well done.
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Lovely selection of watches but can you tell me what size the straps are on the ones with leather straps as i often have trouble getting watches and braclets long enough i have a large wrist about 8''.i particularly like the amythest one
That's a very nice selection of watches Gemini, they'll make excellent gifts. I think the consensus on here is that Gems watches have always been a good purchase.

Milly, I have just the one watch with a leather strap and having measured it, I think its about 7.5" long to the longest hole.

I previously tried a couple of the watches with metal (silver) straps and found them to be much too long for me, even after removing the extra link. So it may be worth checking them out Milly.
Lovely watches, love the pink sapphire one and the amethyst. I bought some for presents but liked them so much I kept them myself, hope you have got more will power than me.

Some lovely watches there, i have a ceramic watch with white topaz that i bought last year its still going strong and i wear it everyday, you are stronger than me though, i couldnt give them away once id seen them lol :D
Lovely selection there GP ( and a big welcome btw) I love the amethyst one at the end of your list.

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